Broccoli Sprouts: How This Cancer-Fighting Food Promotes Longevity

Broccoli sprouts have skyrocketed in popularity thanks to scientists like Rhoda Patrick and Jed Fahey. More and more research continues to shed light on the health-promoting and cancer-fighting properties of this powerful vegetable. But what exactly are broccoli sprouts? Broccoli sprouts are immature broccoli, rich in various nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, and sulforaphane. Broccoli sprouts germinate from seeds after a few days of soaking, watering, and rinsing (see below on ...

9 Ways to Biohack Your Healthspan and Improve Longevity

Advancements in Western medicine and technology have extended the average American lifespan, but a longer lifespan doesn't always translate to an increase in healthy years. In fact, your chronological age may not accurately represent your body's biological, or your InnerAge, at all. InsideTracker’s new InnerAge 2.0 is an innovative tool that reveals your biological age—a measure of how well your body is aging internally. What’s more, research shows that we have the power to slow down the aging ...
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