Regenerative Medicine – Stem Cells, Platelet-Rich Plasma, and Blood Analytics

 Over three years ago, an article from ESPN, featuring Dr. James Andrews, highlighted the interest in stem cells as a way to help athletes heal. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for athletes and other attempts to accelerate healing are exciting and very promising. Unfortunately, the media misunderstand regenerative medicine and fail to see the bigger picture of what else is needed to keep athletes on the court or the field. As a medical professional who employs PRP injections and ...

Mark Cuban on Blood Testing- Drawing the Wrong Conclusion or a Step in the Right Direction?

Recently Mark Cuban created a firestorm with his suggestion to have consumer driven blood testing performed every three months.  The immediate pushback from medical professionals boiled down to the question of blood testing being a screening process for disease detection, and not one of health and performance that should be available to any layperson, or a generally available tool for the individual with curiosity.

Stress Fractures: The Relationship Between Biochemistry, Nutritional Screening, and Biomechanics

  Stress fractures are an important concern for athletes and everyday folks alike, as they can really make an impact on the ability to not only perform, but to move around with ease. What causes stress fractures? There are many potential causes, such as: the type of sport in which an athlete competes; the intensity of the athletic activity and if the athlete does too much too soon during training; if the athlete has high or low arched feet or chronic foot problems; what type of diet and ...
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