Train Like an MLB Pro: 5 Top Tips

Each year, as the weather begins to warm across the country, professional baseball players report for MLB Spring Training. They come to prepare for a long grueling season of 162 games... and, like the fans that watch them, they all hope for more. In fact, a few stellar MLB players are avid InsideTracker users, and they told their story recently to  The drive to gain a few pounds of muscle, add another rep, and recover one day quicker, is commonplace for anyone actively strength ...

How To Optimize Your Body For Your Biggest Athletic Event Of The Year

Every February, the “ultimate” job interview is conducted in Indianapolis, Indiana. The best college football players come from across the country to show their skills in the NFL Combine.  The top draft picks have waited their entire lives for this one moment in time to prove they deserve a roster spot—the chance to go pro! Being the best on one or more particular days is something everyone wants, especially those that compete and dream of a personal best. This article reviews the scientific ...

How To Dominate Jet Lag & Stay Focused While Traveling

The world’s best professional teams are investing millions into sport science to find the winning edge, and travel fatigue is a key factor as to who wins and who loses. Whether you are a frequent traveler that needs to dazzle investors on a business trip, a weekend warrior trying to set a personal best at a Spartan Race, or just someone wanting to enjoy every day on a far away vacation, read on to find your edge.

Pills, Powders and Potions: The Top Sport & Fitness Supplements of 2016

  A few months ago, a nutrition infographic by sport scientist Dr. Le Meur made the rounds on social media, listing the best sport science approved supplements for athletes. The compilation was a list from the Australian Institute of Sport, and was an excellent starting point for those looking to improve their performance. Unfortunately, a framework of suggestions without knowledge of an athlete's specific goals and needs is not enough, so we did the rest of the work for you. In this article, ...

A Roadmap to Increasing Durability of the Body: Enter Creatine Kinase

The biomarker creatine kinase (CK) is a useful way to determine general body strain. Anyone who exercises, ranging from light fitness to elite athletes, can benefit from correctly interpreting its data. Unlike vitamin D, ferritin, and magnesium, CK is not a nutrient and thus requires a little extra analysis to take advantage of the information it provides. The average Joe recreational runner all the way to the sports scientist can use CK to improve workouts and unveil some training patterns. In ...

Sports Compression: What the Science is Revealing

Walk into any sporting goods department store and you’ll see a growing trend: compression technology is everywhere. What started out as simple spandex is now a multi-million dollar market, and it’s starting to evolve beyond just a tight outfit for superheroes. Compression is big business, but does the science support some of the current trends? Currently, compression technology is entering the wellness space for those individuals who are not training for Olympics or trying to recover from knee ...

A Wake-Up Call for Sleep Trackers

A lot of press concerning athletes and their sleep coaches over the past few months makes me wonder if anyone is going to talk about the underlying problems with elite sport. The general public gravitates to professional athletes, and unfortunately assumes if an elite talent or team is doing something, it will also work for them. The truth is hard to swallow, but sleep tracking is a starting place, not an end game for those looking to improve overall human performance—be it an average Joe or ...

Pace Breaker: How Biomarkers Move Sport & Life into Full Throttle

Last weekend was a perfect example of how the term pace, in sport, is evolving each year. Three sports exemplified the concept of pace: horse racing, elite soccer, and Formula 1 auto racing. In a span of 24 hours, history was made at the Belmont stakes, thrilling lead changes in occurred Montreal during the Canadian Grand Prix, and glory was claimed in Berlin at the Champion’s League Final.
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