This Is What Running the Boston Marathon Did To My Health

    The Boston Marathon. The most storied marathon there is, and it just so happens to be in my backyard. I grew up watching it, and had ran it once before. But this time was different. I trained for a specific goal. A lofty goal of sub 3:00. A goal I thought was well within reach. I was feeling great about my fitness. My strategy was honed. I was on the right track. So what happened?

    An Inside Look at Training for the Boston Marathon

    Being born and raised in the Greater Boston area, Marathon Monday (ahem, Patriot’s Day) has always held a special place in my heart. When I was younger, I loved it because we got the day off from school. As I grew older though, I began to appreciate the day not just as a day off, but more because of the athletic feats those running in the historic Boston Marathon were performing. Fast forward to the present day, and I’m looking forward to this day more than ever. This year, I’ll be running the ...

    Top Ten Marathon Race Day Tips

    With fall marathon season in full swing, I've been getting a lot of questions lately as folks begin planning for their race weekends. This year, I've set my sight on a new PR of 3:07 at the Philadelphia Marathon in a few weeks. Being that I've asked these same questions myself, I decided to share 10 big tips I've picked up on my own journey to help you reach new records. Whether or not you’ve optimized all of your endurance-related biomarkers (hello ferritin!), and whether or not you've tested ...

    Top 5 Tips From the Los Angeles Olympic Marathon Trials

    Many of you may know me as the Sales Manager here at InsideTracker. What you may not know, is that when I'm not at my desk, I can frequently be found hitting the pavement alongside many of our users. I run to and from work most days, actively participate in November Project workouts (more on that later), and have run 3 marathons with another on the horizon. Having recently spent a week in Los Angeles leading up to the Olympic Marathon Trials, I wanted to share the top five lessons I learned ...
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