Tennis Burnout? Here's How To Fix It

The professional tennis season is 11 months long, and physical demand forces players to push their body to the limit for an entire year. Consequently, headlines announcing players pulling out of tournaments often cite fatigue as the culprit. Pro tennis players' fatigue, for the most part, results from the season’s demands of training, matches, and traveling – with minimal recovery time. But, you don't have to be a pro to feel the effects of fatigue in sport; some InsideTracker users lament ...

Beetroot Juice: Can It Really Enhance Athletic Performance?

Mom always told you to eat your beets. As usual, her instruction was on point. The health benefits of beets are well documented, but there’s a new trend on the performance-enhancing block in the form of juice— and not the illegal kind. Beetroot juice can support athletic performance due to its high natural nitrate concentration that can improve cardiorespiratory endurance in athletes.  

How Blood Sugar Can Change Your Body & Brain

Fasting glucose is linked with mood, sleep and cognition. Optimizing your blood glucose (better than having a "normal" level) may be the best bet for maintaining sharpness throughout the day and feeling better overall. The misconception about fasting glucose is that many believe it's a measure used to prevent diabetes only, rather than something measured in the process of improving your mind and body. In this blog we explain why fasting glucose is important, why you should get tested, and ...

Cardio Training: Beyond Calories and Intervals

Sprint, rest, repeat? Or a 45-minute jog on the treadmill? Intense bursts of movement in high intensity interval training (HIIT) do more than give you bang for your workout-buck in terms of calorie burning. But which is the prescription for better health? The mantra that HIIT workouts are more effective for fat loss does not mean that we should throw steady state cardio (SSC) – working at a lower intensity for extended periods – at the bottom of our training schedule. In this blog, we’ll ...

Meal and Recovery Drink Timing: Does it Matter?

Some who pursue low body fat and chiseled muscle bellies may demonstrate carbophobia at night or frantically calculate the optimal ratio of carbs to protein in their shake following a workout. This dietary approach focuses on nutrient timing, a strategy of when to consume protein, carbohydrate and fat – whether it is pre-, peri- or post-exercise – to successfully nutrient partition, or direct calories to muscle instead of fat. Yet, is the lack of dietary flexibility and popular behavior of ...

Body Fat Measurement: The Options that are Best for You

Measuring our body fat and pinpointing its location on our body is one of the best ways to assess our health status and health risks. Fortunately, there are options to measure body fat – from body calipers, to the gold standard of DXA scans. In this blog we review the best options in total body fat measurements that the general public can do on their own, including information on how fat distribution within that percentage matters for health.

The Lean Machine: How Your Body Fat Affects Your Health and Biochemistry

Visible fat people fear, yet, this fat might not be the only villain with health and human performance.  There is a more dangerous factor than just body fat percentage, the distribution of fat, linked to numerous health risks. In this blog, we will explore the importance of body fat distribution, and, how it affects our health. We will evaluate the research on waist circumference (WC) – not weight – and how it affects biomarkers such as fasting glucose, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, ...

Are Recovery Drinks helping You Fuel Up or Fatten Up?

The key to getting bigger and stronger may not involve calculating the right ratio of carbs to protein for muscle growth post-workout. And forget the immediate anabolic window for replenishing muscle glycogen stores following a workout. We found research that challenges the exercise science dogma of an immediate carb-centric post-workout fueling. In this blog, we will explore better strategies to optimize muscle protein synthesis and muscle glycogen. Read below to see how InsideTracker data and ...
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