A Super Simple New Way to Use Blood Test Results from Your Doctor

    Here at InsideTracker, our scientists are always looking for ways to make the platform smarter and easier to use. One convenient feature users love is the Blood Results Upload plan. This plan allows you to add existing blood test results ordered by a doctor or insurance company to InsideTracker. InsideTracker thenprovides you with personalized, science-based recommendations for nutrition, supplements, physical activity and other lifestyle habits and goals based on that bloodwork. No other blood ...

    See Your Future: Our New Biomarker Graph is Predictive

    How do you feel when you’re waiting for your latest set of InsideTracker results? We like to think of it as a big, shiny gift waiting to be unwrapped. If it’s your first InsideTracker analysis, you’re probably thinking about the here and now: “Where do I stand? Are any of my biomarkers too high, too low?” If it’s your second, or third, or seventh InsideTracker test, you’re probably hoping that your present results have improved since the last one. Of course, everyone who uses InsideTracker is ...

    Behind the Science: InsideTracker's Star Rating System

    It’s great to have choices. But you’re busy. And you don’t have time to filter through endless options. You’d like a guide to the best choices — a scientific one, if possible! Here at InsideTracker, we get it. What you eat, how much you exercise, which supplements you take, and the daily life choices you make, can improve or worsen your health and performance. While it’s great to know that you can make simple changes to optimize your health and performance, the array of choices can be ...

    Cutting Through the Clutter - How InsideTracker Can Help You Optimize Yourself

    Another study? Another headline? Another list of things to eat, or not to eat? Every day, there’s new advice -- about what diet you should follow and when you should exercise and how much sleep you really need. It’s overwhelming.How do you know which advice is solidly backed by science? There are all kinds of recommendations on the internet and in the media. Some of them conflict. Worse yet, it can be hard to tell which studies are well-designed, and which are faulty.  Even if you feel ...

    Introducing InsideTracker’s New Bloodwork Page

      Here at InsideTracker, we listen to what our customers say. Recently we incorporated our customers comments and suggestions into an updated, information-rich Bloodwork page. We are proud to unveil the new, streamlined page which gives an easy-to-read summary of your blood test results, while also allowing you to do a deep dive into analysis and recommendations for understanding and improving your results.

    Biomarkers: Going Beyond “Normal”

      Do you have an annual blood test at your doctor’s office? If you do, then you’re probably used to getting a follow-up postcard in the mail that says your blood test was “normal.” You may not know which blood tests your doctor ordered, let alone what your results actually were.
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