Whey or Soy Protein: Is One Better?

    Whey and soy are two of the most popular protein powders out there. But which one is the better choice for you? Below we look at the research on how these two proteins stack up against each other in helping you meet three common goals: shedding body fat, building muscle, and boosting testosterone.

    Holiday Stress: The Testosterone to Cortisol Ratio

      It’s holiday season and regardless of what you celebrate, one thing is certain: amid the merriment, stress abounds! We’re all familiar with the headaches of crowded airports, panic of last-minute gift shopping and ever present potential for family dramas to play out like crazed telenovelas. Combine all of that with a seemingly endless supply of temptation in the form of alcohol and sugary treats and it’s nothing short of a firestorm for two biomarkers, testosterone and cortisol — and the ...

    The Coffee Controversy: How Java Affects Aging and Health

    The relationship between coffee and health has been steeped in scientific controversy for years. Scientists used to think that coffee was just a short-term boost in energy with long-term health consequences. But, recent research indicates that not only is coffee safe to drink, it can actually help you fight aging, possibly lower blood sugar and support a healthy liver. In this blog post, we'll straighten out all the research for you and outline how you can use blood data to get the biggest ...

    A Practical and Scientific Approach to Meditation

    People always ask us for that one magic supplement that can help them manage stress and stay calm. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find one. But what if we told you that meditating for as little as five minutes a day can address both of these things as well as lower blood pressure, improve immunity, and make you more agile than ever? Learn how this often overlooked Eastern tradition can benefit you and how anyone — from a peace-loving hippie to a corporate lawyer — can easily add it to ...

    Anti-Aging and Weight Training: What New Research is Promising

    Fitness Dogma says weightlifting makes you stronger and larger, which is good for men and bad for women. New research says that regular resistance training can do much more than make men more muscular: it can boost heart health and fight aging in both men and women. Additionally, a recent study indicates that there are unique biomarker benefits to sticking with that regular weightlifting program long after you get start a program. Below we examine why you want to adopt a weightlifting program- ...

    Can Coenzyme Q10 Boost Your Energy and Fight Aging?

    Let’s face it: Life can be exhausting. There is always a looming deadline at work, another after school activity to pick up your kid from, and another attention-needy outfit worn by Miley Cyrus you have to look at. If you’re an athlete, you might understandably be exhausted from your fifth consecutive day of training just two days before your big game or race. To keep up with the demands of work and life, you might ask yourself: Where can I get another boost of energy to make it through the ...

    Creatine Supplements: Myths & Misconceptions Dispelled

    Creatine supplements are one of the most popular health supplements utilized by InsideTracker users and the general population. And it’s also one of the most controversial. While some hail it as a useful tool to increase muscle gains, boost recovery, and surge testosterone, others denounce it as an ineffective supplement that causes liver and kidney damage. Where does the real answer lie? In this piece, we cover all of the nitty-gritty research and distill what creatine supplements do and don’t ...

    Is the Green Tea Hype Scientifically Supported?

    While coffee gets a lot of attention in the US, tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world after water. Recently, scientists have begun to examine the supposed health benefits of green tea—and not all are real. Is drinking green tea truly a way to shed fat, lower inflammation, and optimize cardiovascular health? We separate fact from fiction on the ways in which this ancient drink might impact your biomarkers and your body, and share the truth of how diet marketing might mislead you.
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