Couples that Test Together, Get Better Together

By Mariah Bridges Feb 13, 2017

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Meet Barry and Jodee Siff, a happy couple from Tuscon, Arizona, who became InsideTracker super fans through a mutual love of each other and healthy living. Together, they're taking charge of their health by bringing the right foods for them into their home to optimize their bodies for a longer life of happiness with one another.

In addition to the changes they've made in their pantry, Barry has been buidling on his solid fitness foundation as a triathlete on Team TIMEX,  and Jodee has been hitting her core with her favorite in-home workout, P90X. Together, they're using InsideTracker to get the most out of life. This adventurous couple puts great value on achieving overall health and they’ve made huge strides together. In anticipation of Valentine's Day, we caught up with them to see how they have committed to their health as much as they have each other. Enjoy getting to know this InsideTracker couple!


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So, how did you two meet?

Barry: “I used to visit my best friend in life, Larry Kelberg, in Omaha quite often. When I would visit, a group of his coworkers would often go out after work – including Jodee - and, after a while, I finally asked her out on a date - dinner and a String Cheese Incident concert… we both knew this was it!”


How would you describe your fitness lifestyle?

Barry: “I live a true triathlete lifestyle of working out 1-2 times a day, with an occasional day off, good sleep (including naps), very good nutrition, and a healthy dose of stretching and flexibility work.”

Jodee: “I don’t really have one. Fitness for me is just staying fit & healthy - eating well, working out once a day – videos and walking/running – but, I don’t sleep well at all and I’m on my feet all day."

Barry: “We motivate each other when it comes to working out and eating well. Jodee would say I push her and she does the same to me. When I am in Ironman training mode especially, she’s always telling me I’m not doing enough – I think she just wants me out of the house. We definitely encourage each other on the other aspects of a positive lifestyle – nutrition, sleep, flexibility and stretching.”


And what are your current fitness goals?

Barry: “To stay lean, healthy, and feeling like the 47 year-old InnerAge person I am! Also, to notably improve my flexibility. That’s more my focus these days.”

Jodee: “Currently? I'd like to lose a few pounds and then maintain that weight - which weighs heavily on my mind. And to lower my InnerAge by working out with a bit more intensity and focus.”


Why did you decide to do InsideTracker together?

Jodee: “We pretty much do everything together, and we heard about it through one of Barry’s teammates on the TIMEX Multisport Team. After really checking it out, we thought it would tell us what we needed to focus on to be even healthier than we thought we were… and, indeed, it included some surprises.”


Pardon the pun, but how do you keep each other accountable and on 'Track'?

Jodee: “Because we’re always together, except for when Barry’s traveling, we are very much aware of what the other is doing, and we do not hesitate to point things out to each other … like ‘really, another Dairy Queen Blizzard tonight?!’”

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Speaking of spending time with each other, do you share some of the same goal foods?

Barry: “Yes – nuts, avocado, almond butter, fish, dried apricots, chia seeds, oatmeal … and that has really helped us to focus on these. Salads have really become a staple.”


Who does the cooking in the family?

Jodee: “We both do, but Barry does the majority. The fact is, we only have 4, maybe 5, real meals together per week.  Breakfasts and lunches are usually enjoyed separately.”


Did you review your InsideTracker results together?

Jodee: “Absolutely!”


What is one thing both of you are happy to have gotten from InsideTracker?

Barry: “Direction with our nutrition to continually improve our key biomarkers and, thus, become increasingly more healthy.”

Any last thoughts?

Jodee: “For me it was a rude awakening! I eat incredibly healthy, and most would think I am incredibly healthy; however, my InnerAge came back four years older than I am - which really stinks - especially when Barry’s came back 14 years younger! I found out I have high cholesterol, and more important, my glucose … if I don’t watch it, I’ll be diabetic! If not for InsideTracker I would never have thought this possible.”

Barry: “I went to InsideTracker to see where I stood in the key areas that could be measured health-wise.  While I am ecstatic that I have only two areas that need notable attention, the nutrition suggestions to help me optimize my health and body have really resonated with me, and I believe the changes I have made - however slight - will make a notable difference.”  

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