Auto Check-in Makes Your Action Plan Better—and Easier to Stick to

By Craig Falzone, May 5, 2021

Auto Check in_optStudies have shown that making small, consistent changes can lead to big results. Meanwhile, the simple act of checking off boxes on a to-do list has proven to improve motivation.[1] We had these two powerful forces in mind when we designed our Action Plan, which is why we prompt you to check in each time you complete a recommendation.

Of course, we understand that sticking to a plan isn’t always easy. Especially for 90 days straight. Let’s face it, sometimes life just gets in the way. Keeping your Action Plan on track shouldn’t feel like just one more thing fighting for your time and attention. That’s the idea behind a new feature we just added to the InsideTracker app we’re calling Auto Check-In.


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When you connect your fitness tracker to the InsideTracker app, the data it captures will trigger an automatic check-in of any related recommendation

We're leveraging the data you already have to give you the most precise possible insights about your health and wellness. At the same time, we’re making it easier for you to stay tuned into your Action Plan progress on a daily basis. Just connect your device and let InsideTracker do the rest.

The automatic check-in feature also adds a level of detail to your sleep and activity insights. In addition to the credit for completing your recommended actions, you'll also get information on your sleep cycle, the intensity of your exercise, and in-depth trends across time. By leveraging the cutting-edge technology of your fitness tracker, your InsideTracker progress tracking and Wellness Score will be more accurate than ever before.



The more you put into InsideTracker, the more you get out of it

InsideTracker has always been about providing users with the best-in-class recommendations for improving health and wellness. The new auto check-in feature reaffirms this promise and assures that the daily, hyper-focused ProTips you get from your InsideTracker app are truly based on what you need to work on most. By automatically syncing your lifestyle and activity data with your InsideTracker app, you'll maximize your InsideTracker experience — and your health.

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[1] Asbjørnsen R.A. et. Al,. Persuasive System Design Principles and Behavior Change Techniques to Stimulate Motivation and Adherence in Electronic Health Interventions to Support Weight Loss Maintenance: Scoping Review. J Med Internet Res. 2019. 21(6).

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