InsideTracker x Chef Eduardo Family Cook Off

By InsideTracker, August 1, 2022

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Voters, contestants, and winners get prizes

There’s nothing more personal than your family and their health—and there’s no better time to celebrate both than over a Thanksgiving feast. And this year, we asked the InsideTracker community to share their most personal family recipes for a chance to win some amazing prizes.

Now, we need your help to select our contest winners! Explore the signature family dishes from our five finalists below, and choose your favorite by casting your vote in the form below by November 17th.

Full recipes will be emailed to all voters along with a special 25% off discount code for anything on! Plus you’ll be entered to win YEAR supply of InsideTracker (4 Ultimate Plans + InnerAge 2.0).


















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Prize Packages

🏆 Grand Prize 🏆

An exclusive Zoom cooking class with acclaimed chef and outdoorsman Chef Eduardo
2 free Ultimate Plans + InnerAge 2.0 for yourself and a family member
2 InsideTracker Swag Bags

🏅 Finalists 🏅

1 free Ultimate Plan + InnerAge 2.0
1 InsideTracker Swag Bag

⭐️ All Voters ⭐️
A 25% discount code to
A chance to win a FREE YEAR of InsideTracker
(4 Ultimate Plans + InnerAge 2.0)

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