Controlling the Controllable: My Experience with InsideTracker

By Bobby Robins, August 1, 2022


I believe in and practice a methodical approach to athletic performance. I control what I can control, and have faith in myself, my training, my body, and my craft. I believe in inspirational athletic feats and heightened states of athletic performance. I know these states exist and they are almost impossible to duplicate or explain. How do you explain what it means to be in “the zone”? It’s obvious to anyone watching when an athlete is in “the zone.” The athlete moves freely and effortlessly, transcending boundaries and defeating opponents. It’s a special thing to witness and a special thing to experience. bobby

But most of the time when I’m playing hockey, I’m not in the zone. I’m competing at my baseline or standard level of athletic output, and this level can be (and is) measured in terms of goals, assists, points, PIMs, and countless other statistics that get logged into the books after every game. 

I’ve been playing hockey since I was five. I’m in my 8th professional season and under contract with the Boston Bruins. I know my sport and I know where I fall in the spectrum of talent since I’ve competed against the best hockey players in the world, and am currently trying to make it to the NHL. 

I know that in order for me to reach my goal and compete in the top percentile of hockey players on planet earth, I must find ways to raise my baseline level of athletic performance as much as I can, and consistently reach this output over the course of a 76-game season, as well as season after season. 

So it seems that every year, I get more and more methodical with controlling the various factors that affect my athletic performance. It started with nutrition and putting the best organic meats, fruits, and vegetables into my body. I have nutrition down. It’s a work in progress and constantly evolving, but I feel that I know how to fuel my body at this point in my life. 

Then I cut out toxins, and tried to truly treat my body like a temple. I figured out my sleep patterns. I discovered how to recover most efficiently. I’ve tried all sorts of training regimens. 

I’m gaining a solid understanding of supplementation, and that is what led me to InsideTracker.

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I was supplementing and putting all these nutritious foods into my body, but I never really looked at the exact numbers of the various biomarkers in my body. I knew that if I wanted to take the self-exploration and self-experimentation of my body and athleticism to the next level, I would have to do it at the cellular and biological level, and find out what was happening in my blood. 

I reached a point where I was eating healthfully, but I needed to see exactly what was happening in my body, to hopefully to discover any deficiencies.

I signed up for InsideTracker and filled out an online questionnaire that used my answers to build a personal profile for me that showed my optimal zones for each biomarker. 

The first time I got tested, I went to a local lab and had my blood drawn. The lab sent the samples to the company and in a couple of days, the results were online and ready to be read. The second time I got tested, a doctor actually came to my home and took the blood sample right there. 

The results are shown in a clear and easy-to-understand layout. InsideTracker shows you which of your biomarker level are optimized, and which of your biomarkers need work. For the biomarkers that need work, an analysis is given to explain what is happening in your body regarding that specific biomarker, and recommendations are given so that you can improve and bring this biomarker to an optimized level.

I knew that optimizing my levels would be one more factor that I could control to help with my athletic performance.

Some of the particular biomarkers that interest me are testosterone, creatine kinase, vitamin B12, cholesterol, hemoglobin, and glucose. I am keeping tabs on these particular readings and trying to optimize my levels so that I can hopefully get the most out of my athletic performance on the hockey rink.

InsideTracker is a valuable tool for an athlete who wants a better understanding of what is happening in their body. I use this tool so that I can get the most athletic output out of my body and raise my level of athletic performance. By controlling, monitoring, and making adjustments to the various levels of my biomarkers, I hope to methodically find a way to improve my health and athleticism, and find ways to reach “the zone” more often and be the best hockey player I can be. 

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