Blood Biomarker Data: The Coeur of Your Performance

By Mariah Bridges, September 20, 2021

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At InsideTracker, we are all about personalization. Personalized nutrition, personalized lifestyle changes, and personalized supplement recommendations. But even while personalization is the name of our game, we know that sometimes, it’s important to take a look at the broader picture in addition to the details.

What do we mean by that? Well, take the Coeur Ambassador Group for example. Each team member wants their own personalized approach, but how about their captain and leaders? For them, clicking through account after account could be a never ending task, but with InsideTracker, they can take a look at the group as a whole. From there, they can provide tips to help everyone on the team reach their goals.

We sat down with Coeur Co-Founder and Team Captain, Hailey Manning, to find out why Coeur decided to partner with InsideTracker, and what a difference it can make when a team takes a scientific approach to training.

Here’s a teaser: suddenly the team is speaking the same language about how they are eating, recovering, and thinking about their training. When they get together for a meal, they’re prepping the best foods for the crew based on blood biomarkers. Their conversations at the table and on social media are moving from race times and PRs to the often overlooked side of training: nutrition and recovery. And the part we love the most? It’s all grounded in their latest language, science.

A couple of questions for Hailey


InsideTracker: So what drew you to InsideTracker and ultimately to partnering with us?

Hailey: At Coeur, we’re all about empowering women. We’re a brand made by women, for women, and we encourage all types of women to push beyond their limits while providing them with bold and comfortable designs to rock on the race course and in training.

So, for our ambassador program, we try to add value by partnering with the best of the best in each athletic segment, and that is InsideTracker. We seek out businesses that have like-minded missions and see how we can collectively encourage women in sport to do their best. With InsideTracker, we were looking for a way dive deeper into the "other" side of training… nutrition and recovery, and how those impact our training, racing, and everyday lives. InsideTracker allows you to easily understand what is happening inside your body and and offers a way to track improvements made by tweaking your nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle/recovery routine.

InsideTracker: What about your own personal results with InsideTracker?

Hailey: I've tested twice with InsideTracker, and it’s awesome to see how things can improve with attention to detail. I have really enjoyed learning more about which foods allow me to train smarter, and with any luck, race faster. I also love the fact that I have an InnerAge of 23, when I'm really a true 36.8!  

I really try to keep tabs on my iron stores, as luckily, the one and only time I've had a really bad season was due to a ferritin level of 10... not at all ideal for an athlete! I like the comparison of my first to second test, and really appreciate the food recommendations and blog links. This is the one thing that I truly focus on. I know I can and should be doing more, but I have always felt good as long as my iron is in check. And even though I’m the type of gal that loves all of the iron-rich foods, I have to supplement once-a-day through light training, and twice a day in high training to maintain good levels.

I also really love how you can tell InsideTracker what foods you don't like, and it listens. It removes them from my recommendations, and swaps in others I might like. Plus, it gives a serving size and some great recipes on the nutrition page.

The food basket is also killer. Now if we could just have InsideTracker collaborate with a food delivery service that would deliver my daily food basket, then we'd really be talking!!!

Could your team use some guidance? We can help.

Some Coeur member highlights

We love Hailey, and couldn’t be more flattered by her incredibly kind words. But we just had to share some more awesome feedback we’re getting from other Coeur Teammates... 

Claudia Behring


"Thanks to InsideTracker, and by implementing their recommendations from my bloodwork, I feel like I have fixed some of my energy issues! Specifically, I've added certain vitamins and new foods to my diet. It helped with giving me a solid race in Ironman Texas, I am sure."

Megan Sullivan


"While I'm certainly not speedy like a lot of my teammates, I've been using InsideTracker for a couple of tests now, and I've been really pleased with the improvements that it's helped me make in my overall health as well as my athletic endeavors. I got into sport for my health, and with InsideTracker, I've been able to continue to reach for that goal while making real improvements in my races and setting new PRs."

Now, we want to hear your story and find out where your InsideTracker journey will take you! Already have a story? We’d love to hear it. Looking to take the first step? Take a look at the video below. Then, click here to talk to Mariah Bridges, InsideTracker’s resident Triathlete who knows how to help you get to your finish line faster.

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