Want a More Complete Picture of Your Well-Being? Combine DNA and Blood.

combining DNA and blood for health insights

Introducing the InsideTracker DNA Kit. This first-of-its-kind product allows you to leverage the power of DNA and blood together to generate more dynamic and precise InsideTracker recommendations to optimize your health. The InsideTracker DNA Kit analyzes up to 38 wellness traits based on up to 20,000 genetic biomarkers, capturing genetic predispositions relevant to your healthspan. InsideTracker also generates a DNA Report detailing your risk and potential percentiles for 10 healthspan-related scores, providing an even more precise roadmap for your health. Combining the DNA Kit with our comprehensive blood analysis—which presents a snapshot of your body's current state—you can better understand how to improve your wellbeing. Here's how.


DNA and blood: Better together

If you're an InsideTracker user, you might have noticed that some of your blood biomarkers just won’t cross the threshold into the optimized zone. Maybe your partner has found it easy to keep their blood glucose in check when it feels nearly impossible for you. Genetic variations in our DNA, or SNPs, make us unique. And sometimes, the answer to certain differences in our blood biomarkers lies in our DNA.

Combining insights from your blood and DNA is therefore incredibly useful for understanding your body’s inner workings. Why? First, DNA outlines your body’s predisposition or "potential" for certain wellness traits such as sleep, weight, and aging. But DNA is not definitive—your genes are not your destiny. And that's where blood comes in. It provides a snapshot of what's going on in your body at a distinct point in time. Your blood biomarkers are constantly shifting in response to your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices. In other words, blood tells you how your genetic predispositions are manifesting in your everyday life. And while you can't change your genes, you can change how your body responds to them.


genetic factors that impact fitness

InsideTracker provides insights on the potential influence of DNA on your biomarkers.

What to expect from our DNA Kit

InsideTracker is constantly researching the genes responsible for influencing the blood biomarkers and health goals important to our users. Our DNA Kit was designed specifically with the InsideTracker user in mind—we’ve enriched our kit to test genes that most influence healthspan, including traits like cognitive aging, visceral fat, and grip strength. InsideTracker focuses on traits that influence recommendations you'd see on your InsideTracker Dashboard, like those for exercise and nutrition.


Our DNA Kit allows you to get your DNA tested directly through InsideTracker, which enables us to easily update our insights—and your results—as new research is published. It provides analysis of wellness traits in ten key areas: hormone balance, metabolism, fitness, recovery, endurance, inflammation, sleep, heart health, cognition, and gut health. A strong genetic basis and their relationship to healthspan are the foundation for the inclusion of these genetic markers

So what can you expect to see in your DNA Kit results? You'll get an updated DNA analysis whenever you get a new set of blood test results. Within your InsideTracker mobile app, you will be able to compare your genetic risk to your blood results for most biomarkers—deepening your understanding of how your blood biomarkers are impacted by your genetics. Further, your DNA Report will dive deeper into your results of 10 healthspan-related risk and potential percentiles, providing an even more precise roadmap for your health.

All DNA results are presented as easy-to-read Genetic Potential Scores for multiple wellness traits. These Genetic Potential Scores are built based on the best available science—and are informed by hundreds (or even thousands) of peer-reviewed publications. 

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Why our DNA Kit is changing the game

InsideTracker helps you optimize your health by giving you personalized recommendations. Having DNA to help explain your sleep patterns, risk for epigenetic age acceleration, or predisposition for increased visceral fat can empower you to be more confident in making health decisions that are right for you.

And as the world of DNA science continues to progress, so will your genetic insights. Our scientists rigorously and continuously review the latest genetic research—you can anticipate increasingly valuable insights over time as new Genetic Potential Scores are added, new genetic research is published, and as our own software becomes more robust.


The power of combining blood with DNA

  • DNA tells us about our unchanging potential for certain wellness traits
  • Blood tells us about how our dynamic lifestyle influences our genes' effects on health at a given point in time
  • By considering blood biomarkers with DNA, we can see a more complete picture of our health, supported by science
  • InsideTracker's DNA Kit combines blood and DNA to provide novel insights and recommendations about your health—unavailable anywhere else in the world
  • Combining blood + DNA is a crucial step towards enabling real-time holistic health and wellness insights


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