From Fast to Faster: How Suzie Snyder Used Scientific Information to Become a New and Improved Triathlete

By Perrin Braun, September 8, 2014


Suzie Snyder joins the ranks of world-class athletes like Sarah Haskins, Jarrod Shoemaker, and Ruben Sanca who have used the InsideTracker program to increase their speed and improve their strength. As a professional off-road triathlete, Snyder is no slouch when it comes to her physical fitness. In addition to getting her certification as a strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), she has a master’s degree in exercise science and a deep knowledge base of human physiology and nutrition. However, she wasn’t sure about the best approach to take in improving her physical performance. snyder


“I wasn’t performing to my fullest potential, and I didn’t know why,” Snyder explained.  She has always made it a point to eat a nutritious diet while training specifically for high level performance, but wanted to learn more about what was going on inside of her body, so that she could fix any potential biomarkers that were slowing her down. Snyder signed up for the InsideTracker Performance Plan to receive concrete, evidence-based recommendations that would help her improve her physical performance. Despite Snyder’s exercise and healthy eating habits, the results from her first blood test showed that her levels of ferritin, testosterone, and cortisol were out of range—and all of these biomarkers can impact physical performance. She also discovered something a little more unexpected: high cholesterol.

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“High cholesterol runs in my family,” Snyder said. “But I didn’t know that I had it until I got my blood tested.” Faced with this new information, she took InsideTracker’s nutrition recommendations very seriously, even making a list of all the recommended foods and taping them to her refrigerator so she wouldn’t forget to buy them at the grocery store.

Because the information that Snyder learned from her first blood analysis proved to be so useful, she scheduled a follow-up test with the InsideTracker Ultimate Plan, as it measures more biomarkers and provides a little more information about certain markers that she wanted to optimize.

“I love the InsideTracker graphs on the dashboard that help you monitor your progress,” she said. “The blog is also helpful because it gives you more in-depth scientific information and also helps you see the connection between certain biomarkers that I hadn’t known about before,” she continued.

Snyder soon discovered that adhering to the recommendations (with a little persistence!) paid off. Her hormone and cholesterol levels improved vastly, which shows that even simple changes in diet can make a large difference in impacting overall health. In addition to adhering to the InsideTracker recommendations, Snyder stopped taking the birth control pill, which made a significant difference in improving her levels of two hormones, testosterone and cortisol. Snyder reported that after completing two Performance and two Ultimate tests, she’s found that her recovery time has improved and she’s feeling stronger in her workouts. “It’s very encouraging to see that my numbers are improving and I’m feeling better!”

So, how does a professional athlete like Suzie Snyder rate the InsideTracker program? “I would definitely recommend InsideTracker, even if you have a good knowledge base of nutrition and health because you never know where your body is at until you get tested.” Lesson learned: even if you’re exercising and eating healthfully, there is always room for improvement with help from InsideTracker!

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