Blood + DNA + Garmin = The Best InsideTracker Yet

By Gil Blander, PhD, June 30, 2023


It's been a long day. You’re tired. It’s getting late. Tomorrow is going to be just as hectic. And instead of going to bed, you’re three episodes into a Netflix binge and don’t have the energy to turn it off. 

Now, if you’d been wearing a Garmin fitness tracker synced to the InsideTracker app, you might have been able to avoid this situation entirely.

How to sleep betterWhy? Because if your DNA test showed you have a genetic predisposition to low magnesium, and your blood work revealed low magnesium levels, and your fitness tracker recorded a deep sleep phase of only 9% the night before—well below your average of 15% as well as below the normal range for your age and gender—and because studies have shown magnesium can promote relaxation and improve sleep, you would’ve gotten a recommendation to eat a spinach salad with avocado and cashews for lunch and an alert to take a magnesium supplement two hours before your usual bedtime. 

So instead of crossing your fingers and hoping somehow tomorrow would turn out ok, you’d already be soundly asleep, resting up for a productive next day.



Experience the next level of InsideTracker

For the first time, Garmin fitness trackers are compatible with InsideTracker. If you’re an InsideTracker customer and you have a Garmin fitness tracker, here’s what it means for you. 

InsideTracker was already giving you a clear, data-driven picture of what's going on inside your body. Plus, you were getting science-based recommendations for positive changes to your nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and lifestyle. 

By adding data from your Garmin (like sleep duration, REM sleep, deep sleep, and resting heart rate) to your existing blood and DNA data, you’ll get even more health analytics and insights. This will make your InsideTracker recommendations even more personalizedand even more effective. 


Give your Garmin superpowers

On the other hand, if you’re a Garmin fitness tracker user, but you haven’t tried InsideTracker yet, now is the perfect time. 

True, you already get important access to your body’s data from your Garmin. But when you add InsideTracker, you get more than ever before. You get data and insights based on your blood and your DNA. You get additional insights from your physiomarker data. And, most important, you get science-based recommendations for positive diet and lifestyle changes to help you optimize your body and live a long, healthy, productive life. 


The more you put in, the more you get out

Adding this third source of your body’s data is the key to leveling up what InsideTracker can do for you. For three reasons:

  1. Although we believe blood biomarkers are a true reflection of what’s going on inside your body, you’re not going to get a blood test more than a few times a year, so at best it’s an indicator of how healthy you were in the recent past.
  2. While your DNA provides clues to your genetic potential, since it never changes, you need to test it only once in your life. 
  3. With a Garmin fitness tracker, you can measure your physiomarkers easily and continuously.  So not only is InsideTracker getting new data from your body all the time, it’s being constantly integrated with your blood and DNA test results, so our algorithm is able to tweak your recommendations and insights every day.


Even better together

Additional features and benefits of connecting your Garmin to InsideTracker include:

Physiological marker tracking

Track and see detailed historical data for physiological markers like sleep duration, REM sleep, deep sleep, and resting heart rate.

Physiological insights into recommendations

Get insights into how the recommendations on your action plan impact your sleep and resting heart rate along with blood biomarkers and genetic potential.

Automatic plan progress and tracking via auto-check-in

Seamlessly track progress on your Action Plan using your device’s activity data (requires new plan generation).

ProTips based on your physiological data

Receive ProTips on how to improve your sleep and recovery based on the most up-to-date data from your device, including highlights of any weekly or monthly declines and improvements in sleep and resting heart rate.


Welcome to the next generation of personalized performance 

By leveraging the power of Garmin, InsideTracker becomes the first personalized performance system to offer holistic wellness programs through the combined analysis of blood, DNA, and fitness tracker data. 

Living well is a lifelong journey, and it starts inside. Download the InsideTracker iOS app, sync your Garmin fitness tracker, and you’ll be well on your way.




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