How the Home Kit Delivered

By Emily Wei, September 10, 2021


Less than two weeks after clicking the “Order” button for my InsideTracker Home Kit, my results were in.  I received an e-mail in the morning, notifying me that my results were ready on the InsideTracker website. Here’s the scoop on what I saw when I picked up my results:image

Settings Page

Since this was my first time logging into InsideTracker, I was directed to the Settings page.  All too often, we’re given broad nutrition and fitness advice that’s not particularly applicable to our individual lives.  Our genetics vary vastly, we eat different things, participate in myriad activities, live disparate lifestyles, and so on.  In short, no two individuals are the same.  As a runner, nutrition student, and wellness junkie, this kind of generalized, “one size fits all” advice drives me absolutely crazy.  The best thing about the settings page is that it’s customizable, so that InsideTracker’s calorie and food recommendations will work for you and your individual goals.  (You can even indicate whether you like or dislike specific foods, such as specific breakfast cereals, on the settings page!)image


Bloodwork Page

I found my blood test results on the Bloodwork page.  Graphs for each of the biomarkers showed the range of my optimal levels, as well as where I fell along the spectrum for each of the six specific biomarkers. InsideTracker explained the significance of each biomarker and provided a brief summary of simple nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help me optimize my biomarker levels.image

My Results:

Glucose: I love carbohydrates and sweets (I definitely consume a little more of these things than I should), and was previously convinced that my levels were going to be quite elevated.  I was happily surprised to find that my glucose levels fell within the optimal range, and to see that my body is still regulating my blood glucose well. Total Cholesterol & LDL: As someone obtaining a masters degree in nutrition, I was surprised to see that my total cholesterol and LDL were slightly elevated.  I have a feeling that this is where my love for pastries, baked goods, and cheese may have played a role (my motto is everything in moderation… perhaps I need to moderate a bit more!), but I was still a bit embarrassed by this result.  I never realized that this was a problem area for me, and I never would have known without InsideTracker.  Despite the result, I was, however, happy to see that I really enjoy foods from the “Eat more” Cholesterol and LDL recommendations, such as salmon and oatmeal, and can easily incorporate them more into my diet. HDL: My HDL was in the optimal range.  I do my best to eat HDL-raising healthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats) and will continue to do so… I couldn’t survive without avocadoes and almonds! Triglycerides: As expected, my triglycerides level was normal. ALT:  My ALT was also normal.  I don’t have liver disease, and I’m not a heavy drinker, and my ALT level reflects that.


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Nutrition Page

On the Nutrition page, I was able to view specific food recommendations for each biomarker.  Not only could I see specific foods to eat more of, as well as foods to eat less of, but I could also customize the nutrition recommendations to my liking.  For example, if you are paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, fish free, etc., the nutrition recommendations can reflect your dietary preferences and restrictions.  There are also brief, helpful descriptions of the foods recommended to you, as well as those foods’ effects on other biomarkers.

Food Basket

The Food Basket page allows you to choose the out-of-range biomarkers that you want to focus on, then the InsideTracker algorithm creates a daily food list for you.  You will find your daily recommended calories above, as well as caloric information, and nutrient information, for recommended foods.  If you see a favorite food that you want your food basket to retain, simply click the lock button.  If you’re unhappy with the foods in your basket, click refresh, and a new food basket will come up.  Again, the food basket is fully customizable to your individual preferences.

I never would have understood what’s currently going on inside my body without InsideTracker’s Home Kit.  Before, my attention was on my glucose level… and I had never thought twice about my total cholesterol and LDL.  Not only was the Home Kit quick and easy to use, but my results showed me things I had no previous indication of.  Most importantly, now that I know what’s going on inside, I have the ability to work on my results and optimize my health and fitness levels in ways that work for me.

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