InsideTracker Scoop: Interview with Ruben Sanca, 2012 Cape Verde Olympian

By Perrin Braun, August 1, 2022


World-class distance runner Ruben Sanca does not know the meaning of “slow down.” The Cape Verde native starred on the UMass Lowell track and field team where he became an NCAA Division 2 All American and won the 2009 NCAA Northeast Track Athlete of the Year award. In 2010, he placed 9th at the US 5K Road Championships, and in 2011 he represented Cape Verde in the marathon at the World Championships in South Korea.Ruben Sanca

Currently, Ruben is preparing to run the 5000m for the nation of Cape Verde at the 2012 Olympics. Best wishes from the InsideTracker team, Ruben!

Q: What are you training for this season?

A: This year my coach Gary Gardner and I designed a training plan with my goal being to represent Cape Verde in the 5000 meters at the London Olympic Games. I am thrilled to have earned a place on the Cape Verde team.

Q: How did you hear about InsideTracker?

A:  A friend of mine told me about InsideTracker.

Q: What was it like to have your blood test done?

A: The blood test was important for me. At the time of the test I was in the part of my training in which I focus on running more miles. I wanted to be sure that my blood levels were okay, and I was not running myself into the ground!  Knowing the blood test results helped me to decide when to shift my focus from quantity into the more specific quality component of training.

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Q: What have you learned from your InsideTracker experience?

A:  After receiving my results, I had a meeting with a nutritionist in which we went over several of the biomarkers. She analyzed how my levels stacked up against the normal levels of other athletes. She then recommended some changes in my nutrition that would allow me to improve my health and athletic performance.

Q: How has InsideTracker helped your performance?

A: Because everyone is so different, it’s important to know which foods to consume more of and which ones to avoid. However, because this can change over time, InsideTracker allows me to closely monitor each biomarker so that I know exactly what changes in performance to expect. I’ve been able to improve my overall health by knowing what nutrients my body needs so it can recover and perform better. With the help of InsideTracker, I know when it’s a good time to change workouts and when it’s a time to race or rest.

Q: What do you like about using InsideTracker?

A: There are two aspects of Inside Tracker I like the most:  the friendly user interface, which allows athletes, coaches and nutritionists to have quick access to relevant information, and the long term approach to monitoring key performance biomarkers through a timeline. 

Q: What advice do you have for people who are looking to improve their physical performance?

A: My advice is to start slow and stick to a schedule.

Q: How does nutrition play a role in your life?

A: I look at nutrition as fuel and recovery. I need the proper fuel to maximize my workouts, but I also need the right nutrition to recover from those hard workouts.


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