On the Road? Fit Your Fitness into Your Travel Plans!

By Perrin Braun, August 1, 2022


It’s easy to let your fitness and nutrition regimen fall by the wayside when you’re on the road. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, even the most seasoned road warrior has been known overindulge or hit the snooze button because of jet lag. The good news is that keeping fit and trim while traveling is completely do-able with a little advanced planning and commitment! Here are some tips to keep you in shape when you’re far away from home:image

Set yourself up for success

When you’re traveling, it’s important to set realistic goals for yourself. If you know you will be very busy during a vacation or business trip, try to maintain your fitness level or exercise program instead of changing or increasing it. Keeping fit while on the road is not only beneficial to your long-term health, but it can also help make the transition from your home to your hotel room much easier. Long flights and car rides can often leave you feeling depleted of energy, so try some quick exercises in between rest stops to help you feel more awake. For instance, take a walk around the train station while you’re waiting to board, or do a few squats at a gas station.

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You don’t need fancy exercise equipment or a ton of time to stay in shape once you’ve reached your destination! Many hotels have fitness rooms for guests, which give you an easy way to fit in your cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. But even if your hotel doesn’t provide these amenities, you can still sneak in a great workout.

Walk or jog in the area around your hotel  Work out in the privacy of your hotel room with exercise DVDs or resistance bands Keep your muscles limber and maintain your flexibility with yoga Do sit-ups, lunges, pull-ups, push-ups, and plank poses even in the smallest hotel room! Find out whether your local gym is affiliated with any gyms in the area where you are traveling. Some hotels make arrangements for guests to use nearby fitness facilities for a reduced fee.

Plan ahead

Fitness junkies can get a little nervous when faced with disruption in their routine, but making a list of your health needs can help you accommodate exercise into your travel plans, even if you are traveling with children or colleagues. Brisk walking will get your blood flowing, but that might not be vigorous enough if you are training for an endurance event. If you’re training for a specific event, make sure you plan ahead for your workouts on the road:

Pack smart. Make room for basic exercise gear like sneakers, shorts, a t-shirt, or a bathing suit in your suitcase. Do your homework. See if your travel destination has a public swimming pool or a bike rental shop that you could use in your downtime. Bring your music. Save your workout playlist to your phone so you always have it with you. Go on foot. If you’re heading to a restaurant, bakery, or winery, see if they’re within walking or jogging distance instead of hopping in a car. Find a partner. If you are traveling with other people, arrange to exercise together. Schedule it. Set some time in your schedule for some exercise; you’re more likely to work out when it’s part of your day’s agenda.

Fueling well on the road!

Eating healthfully can be difficult when you’re constantly on the go, but with a little help from InsideTracker’s diet recommendations, it can be done! Although fast food is ubiquitous in airports and rest stops, nutritious meals and snacks are available if you know how to find them. Here are some tips to eat smart on the go:

 Pack your own healthy snacks before departing on a road trip or long flight. Whole grain crackers, carrot sticks, or fruit are all good options that can help keep you satiated even if your train or flight gets delayed. Be conscious about portion control while eating out. You can cut extra calories and avoid travel weight gain by ordering appetizers as meals, sharing your entree, skipping dessert, or ordering non-starchy vegetables instead of potatoes Start your day strong by eating a healthy breakfast. Not only will eating a morning meal help prevent you from binging later on in the day, but it will give you enough energy to keep you moving. Fresh fruit, yogurt, whole grain bread, and nuts are all great options to keep you going throughout the day. Stay hydrated. You tend to feel hungrier and eat more when you’re dehydrated, so be sure to keep some water nearby while you’re out on the road.

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