Preparing for the Boston Marathon: How Two Runners Benefitted from InsideTracker

By Perrin Braun, August 1, 2022

InsideTracker sends our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. We are very grateful that both Marisa and Mick are safe.

With its hills and unpredictable weather, the Boston Marathon is one of the most challenging.  Despite the difficulties, tens of thousands of runners tackle it every year. Two of this year’s runners took time out of their race prep to share how using InsideTracker has helped them in their training. Read on to meet Marisa Nucci and Mick Brown, endurance runners who both chose InsideTracker to help them prepare.InsideTracker blood analysis benefits for marathon runners

Marisa Nucci is an avid runner, looking forward to her fourth marathon. Her personal best is 3:26. After a year of job changes that affected her time to train, she is hoping to “stay around 3:30” this year. Marisa also trained for and competed in the 2013 CrossFit Games Open, which had a positive impact on her marathon training.

InsideTracker Marisa Nucci Boston Marathon

So what did Marisa and Mick learn from their InsideTracker blood analysis? Marisa was very interested in getting her results because for 18 months she has been eating a primarily Paleo diet, avoiding grains, dairy products, and refined sugar. “One of the potential downfalls of Paleo is that a lot of people will take in too much meat and too many fats through nuts and seeds,” said Marisa. “I fell victim to that … since I have never been all that great at preparing foods ahead of time.” Marisa’s InsideTracker analysis showed that her LDL was too high. Some other markers were out of range, including iron, which was a problem for her in the past.

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After getting her results, Marisa focused on eating leaner meats and more vegetables with higher nutritional value, as well as on reducing the amount of nuts and seeds in her daily diet. “I personally feel as though the changes have been extremely positive. I have felt more energized and consistent and feel as though it has truly helped me throughout the peak and end of the training process for Boston Marathon.”


Mick Brown, who calls himself the “Aussie Clydesdale,” is running for the Mass General Marathon Team. After completing his first marathon in 2010, Mick has run six marathons and two ultras. In fact, he just won the Chicago Lakefront 50K on March 23rd. “My goal [for the 2013 Boston Marathon] is to break my PR of 2.59.41, set in Chicago 2012,” says Mick.  “Doing that in Boston is obviously a lot tougher than in Chicago!”


For Mick, InsideTracker blood analysis revealed elevated Creatine Kinase and glucose, as well as a vitamin D deficiency. Mick felt that the high level of Creatine Kinase was a result of a race he had run shortly before his blood test. To improve his vitamin D levels, Mick started taking a vitamin D supplement. He also cut back on sugary foods to bring down his glucose levels. When asked how the changes have affected him, he says, “Nutrition has definitely made a difference! I still have to get more dialed in though.”

Mick believes that “personalizing nutrition and customized training programs based on biomarkers are clearly the way of the future.” Based on his own experience, he sees value in InsideTracker for athletes at all levels achieve their personal goals. “As with everything,” adds Mick, “it requires commitment and active participation.”

Everyone on the InsideTracker team sends their best wishes to Mick and Marisa for a successful 2013 Boston Marathon. We think Marisa summed it up perfectly when she said, “I am looking forward to truly enjoying myself, the crowds, the athletes, the inspiration and the energy all the way from Hopkinton to downtown Boston!”

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