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What is the best nutrition software that is customized for your needs?

By Perrin Braun, November 23, 2021


Nutrition software can help you improve your diet. And a healthier diet can help you boost your endurance, speed, and flexibility. But only one nutrition software program, InsideTracker, actually tells you exactly which nutrients your body needs. InsideTracker nutrition software

How is InsideTracker nutrition software different from other nutrition and diet advice?

Based on blood analysis. Only InsideTracker includes a blood test that analyzes 20 biomarkers most important for your overall wellbeing and athletic performance. By measuring these biomarkers in your blood, the service can tell you which nutrients to consume in order to optimize your nutrition.

Optimal, not normal. Nutrition recommendations from InsideTracker are completely customized for you. What makes InsideTracker different from other nutrition plans is its integration of an “optimal zone” in the blood analysis—a range that is specific to you and takes into account your unique demographic information, such as age, gender, ethnicity, activity level, as well as lifestyle and performance goals.insidetracker1

Cutting-edge software algorithm. InsideTracker’s sophisticated algorithm called B.R.I.A.N (Biomarker Research Integrative Analysis Network) determines the optimal zones for each marker based on the latest peer-reviewed research. For example, the normal range for a woman’s level of ferritin, a blood marker for iron, is between 12 and 150 units. But InsideTracker recommends that an active woman in her 20s should have 40 - 150 units of ferritin for optimum performance. If you are not in your optimal zone, InsideTracker nutrition software will recommend effective and simple nutrition interventions to improve your biomarkers. Where appropriate, you will also receive recommendations for supplements as well as lifestyle and training modifications that are specific to your needs.



How can using InsideTracker nutrition software help you?

The benefits of following your customized InsideTracker nutrition recommendations can include:

Enhanced performance Increased metabolism Reduced pain and injury Improved sleep Increased energy

 After using InsideTracker nutrition software, one US Olympic track cyclist discovered that she was very low in vitamin D, which is a nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium and maintain strong bones; regulates the immune system; and enhances energy levels. InsideTracker recommended some simple interventions that increased her levels of vitamin D, and ultimately helped her to win two silver Olympic medals!

What else does InsideTracker nutrition software provide?

Powerful tracking tools. Each of your blood results appears on an easy-to-read graph. And InsideTracker shows your follow-up blood test data on the same graph, so that you can see trends and take action before you have a problem. Food for your needs and preferences, based on the results of your blood test, instead of a generic cookie-cutter menu. Starting with a database of over 7500 foods, InsideTracker nutrition software can take into account your special dietary requirements such as Paleo, gluten-free, or vegan.  For instance, if you are lactose-intolerant and still want to get an adequate amount of calcium, InsideTracker will recommend non-dairy, high-calcium foods. insidetracker2 Food Basket. The InsideTracker nutrition software creates a Food Basket, a nutritionally balanced, customized plan for a day’s worth of calories. Each Food Basket is calculated to improve biomarker levels that are high or low. One of the most helpful parts of the Food Basket is the nutritional information that is shown next to each item, including serving size, calories, and the amount of each nutrient in the recommended serving. You can return to your Food Basket as often as you want to find new foods. Nutrition Page. For each biomarker, InsideTracker shows you a set of foods to eat or avoid for optimal nutrition. Each recommendation includes a picture of the food, a written description of how it can improve your diet, and the specific biomarkers that the food raises and lowers. insidetracker3


Supplement advice. While a diet based on whole foods is the best way to improve your wellbeing and performance, in some cases it is difficult to optimize a biomarker with food alone. If taking a supplement might be helpful, InsideTracker will explain which supplement to take, the optimal dosage for you, and when to take it. Be sure to consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any supplementation plan.


So, by adding to your daily diet the foods that the InsideTracker nutrition software recommends, you can give your body the nutrients that you are lacking. Evidence-based nutrition with InsideTracker will improve your overall wellbeing, as well as your athletic performance. The program is easy to use because InsideTracker customizes and gathers all the relevant information for you. Plus, it’s a great way to discover new foods.

As Jarrod Shoemaker, a US triathlete Olympian, noted "with InsideTracker, you understand your athletic demands and manage your diet to maximize your performance.” He summed up perfectly what the InsideTracker is all about—by combining the latest scientific research with information about the unique biochemistry of your body, this nutrition software helps you to become more informed, more fit, and a better athlete!