Eat, Sleep, Track, Repeat: My Journey to the SXSW Conference

By Erin Sharoni Mar 27, 2015
Every March, just before the real Madness, there's a hashtag that trolls Twitter in a four-lettered flurry of chaos: #SXSW
SXSW, aka South By Southwest, is a massive set of film, music and tech conferences which could probably break the internet faster than anyone named Kim. 
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How Inflammation is Affecting Your InnerAge - The Key Burning Questions

By Neel Duggal Mar 25, 2015

Of the five biomarkers we showcase in our recently released InnerAge, we get the most questions about C-Reactive Protein (CRP). While it is poorly understood by the general public, healthcare professionals, and fitness trainers, this little protein produced by the liver is an extremely important indicator of health and wellness. Read below to learn why it is crucial to monitor your CRP and modify your lifestyle and nutrition in order to maximize your fitness and prevent the onset of aging.

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Using DHEAS as a biomarker of Aging in Women

By Elizabeth Shanahan Mar 20, 2015

DHEAS is part of InsideTracker’s new Female InnerAge, a set of biomarkers that are particularly important in women’s health and physiology.  DHEAS is an abundant molecule in the body that decreases naturally as women age. While it garners limited attention in health-related media, becoming informed about your own DHEAS levels using InsideTracker may help you optimize your muscle and bone health, sexual function, fitness performance, and longevity.

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Are Recovery Drinks helping you Fuel up or Fatten up?

By Katie Mark Mar 17, 2015

The key to getting bigger and stronger may not involve calculating the right ratio of carbs to protein for muscle growth post-workout. And forget the immediate anabolic window for replenishing muscle glycogen stores following a workout. We found research that challenges the exercise science dogma of an immediate carb-centric post-workout fueling. In this blog, we will explore better strategies to optimize muscle protein synthesis and muscle glycogen. Read below to see how InsideTracker data and recommendations can help you reevaluate your post-workout food no matter your dietary lifestyle choice or exercise regime by monitoring key biomarkers.

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Getting Back on Track: Laura Ingalls’ InsideTracker-Fueled Journey back to Holistic Health

By Neel Duggal Mar 13, 2015

Actress, holistic health coach, Wellcoach, NASM personal trainer, blogger, marathon runner and running coach, worksite wellness coach and program coordinator - and as of November 2014, an avid InsideTracker user. Learn how the multi-talented Laura Ingalls used her personalized InsideTracker data and recommendations to make long-lasting quantitative and qualitative improvements in her health.

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Tapping Into Ancestral Hunger, Part 4: Top Hacks for the Weekend Wind Down

By Emily Wei Mar 10, 2015

Do you carefully count calories throughout the week, only to find all of your hard work reversed once the weekend comes?  If this sounds familiar, the Weekend Wind Down may be right for you.  Although intermittent fasting (IF) during the weekend can be challenging, it can also help keep your waistline in check (…especially if Saturdays and Sundays have become synonymous with overindulgence!).  In this final segment of a four-part series on IF, we give a rundown of the Weekend Wind Down and share our top tips for fasting through the weekend.

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Testosterone Action versus Testosterone Levels - Why SHBG Matters

By Neel Duggal Mar 06, 2015

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin or SHBG is essential to maximizing the availability of testosterone, the substance every man wants to measure. Today, science is telling us that both men and women need an optimized hormonal profile, and testosterone is widely known to be important for men. Growing research points out the importance of testosterone for women, and blood testing is a practical way to "look under the hood" and get guidance to optimizing oneself. In this blog we will discover how SHBG is like a key and unlocks the door to optimizing health and performance.

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Tapping Into Ancestral Hunger, Part 3: Top Hacks for the Breakfast Skip

By Emily Wei Mar 03, 2015


Like many others, I have been a faithful breakfast eater my whole life. The idea of starting the day off on an empty stomach seemed not only unconventional – and almost sacrilegious – but also entirely unfulfilling. Despite all of this, the promising science behind intermittent fasting and passionate testimonials of converted breakfast skippers convinced me to forego breakfast for 21 days. In part 3 of this series on IF, I’ll share my experience with the Breakfast Skip and why I now have breakfast for lunch.

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Move Over Superfoods- Say Hello to Focus Foods

By Neel Duggal Feb 26, 2015

Superfoods: those mystical foods you hear about in the media that hold the promise of solving all of your health and fitness woes. Unfortunately, scientists, dietitians, and doctors have little consensus about what a superfood actually is, and the research methodology used to back up superfood health claims is inconsistent. As a result, InsideTracker decided to examine only the most rigorous research studies and create an extensive algorithm to tailor foods to your biochemical needs and personal preferences. InsideTracker has coined this innovation “focus foods”, a key feature in our InnerAge feature and soon to be in our Ultimate Panel.

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Tapping Into Ancestral Hunger, Part 2: Top Hacks for the 24 Hour Fast

By Emily Wei Feb 24, 2015

Believe me when I say that the first time I heard of purposefully foregoing food for an entire day, I was more than apprehensive. (I can recall one other time that I’ve done this in my life, and that was after a very regretful trip to the buffet!) After actually fasting for 24 hours, I was pleasantly surprised by both the results of the fast as well as by myself. In part 2 of this blog series on intermittent fasting (IF), we will present the basics of the 24 hour fast, hacks to help you successfully fast, and the top pros and cons of this IF method.

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