Move Over Superfoods- Say Hello to Focus Foods

By Neel Duggal Feb 26, 2015

Superfoods: those mystical foods you hear about in the media that hold the promise of solving all of your health and fitness woes. Unfortunately, scientists, dietitians, and doctors have little consensus about what a superfood actually is, and the research methodology used to back up superfood health claims is inconsistent. As a result, InsideTracker decided to examine only the most rigorous research studies and create an extensive algorithm to tailor foods to your biochemical needs and personal preferences. InsideTracker has coined this innovation “focus foods”, a key feature in our InnerAge feature and soon to be in our Ultimate Panel.

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Tapping Into Ancestral Hunger, Part 2: Top Hacks for the 24 Hour Fast

By Emily Wei Feb 24, 2015

Believe me when I say that the first time I heard of purposefully foregoing food for an entire day, I was more than apprehensive. (I can recall one other time that I’ve done this in my life, and that was after a very regretful trip to the buffet!) After actually fasting for 24 hours, I was pleasantly surprised by both the results of the fast as well as by myself. In part 2 of this blog series on intermittent fasting (IF), we will present the basics of the 24 hour fast, hacks to help you successfully fast, and the top pros and cons of this IF method.

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Coconut Confusion- Interpreting the Science to see if Coconut Fat is for You

By Neel Duggal Feb 20, 2015

Executive Summary:  Coconut products are growing in popularity and we see a vast amount of food and beverage options touting the power of this tropical drupe (stone fruit). Paleo enthusiasts and fitness buffs are touting the benefits, but does the research support the claims? Looking at the science can be perplexing, due to the mixed results of coconut fat in the research. Coconut fats, in the form of cream, oil, and milk are very unique and may interact with one’s body differently depending on an array of factors. We have done some investigation for you and report key findings from scientific literature below- but the only way to be sure if coconut fats are a healthy choice for you is to monitor your biomarkers using InsideTracker.

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Tapping Into Ancestral Hunger: Your Personal Roadmap to Fat Loss Success

By Emily Wei Feb 16, 2015

In part one of a four-part blog series, I will present the basics on Intermittent Fasting (IF), what its merits are, and provide a summary of three practical IF methods. In parts two, three and four, I will detail the pros and cons of each method and document our top hacks for IF in the real world, and show how InsideTracker can be a valuable tool in monitoring your progress.

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Maximizing Your Testosterone- Is Magnesium a Solution?

By Neel Duggal Feb 11, 2015

To get detailed portrait of the human body’s internal biochemistry, it is helpful to understand how biomarkers impact each other. In this article we investigate recent scientific literature looking at how testosterone levels are affected by a commonly overlooked biomarker: the mineral magnesium. Read below to learn the importance of each biomarker and how monitoring magnesium can boost testosterone and improve muscle growth, sex drive, and overall health and wellness in both men and women.

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The Golden Ratio - How to Manage your Blood Lipids for Better Health and Performance

By Kalyn Weber Feb 08, 2015

Cholesterol: You might know it as some evil “fat” that clogs your arteries and causes heart disease. But recent research has unveiled that healthy levels of certain kinds of cholesterol are actually good for you. In this article, we take a fresh look at HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol – two poorly understood lipid biomarkers monitored by InsideTracker. Then, we offer strategies on how you can optimize your cholesterol levels using your InsideTracker data along with research-proven interventions.

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From Muscle Fiber to Dietary Fiber: New Connections with Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

By Katie Mark Feb 05, 2015

When we read the words “dietary fiber” on cereal box labels and in trendy fitness articles, we first think about how it affects our digestive health.  However, we found new research demonstrating how increasing your dietary fiber intake can help you increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. In this article, we will explain the differences between fiber’s two forms and look at research investigating fiber’s impact on four biomarkers InsideTracker improves: cholesterol, blood glucose, sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and testosterone. Learn how InsideTracker can help you maximize your health by tracking your biomarkers during a research-based dietary intervention such as increased fiber intake.

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Focus Foods - Artificial Intelligence coming to your plate

By Gil Blander, PhD Jan 29, 2015

We are bringing intelligence, the artificial, machine learning kind, to a plate near you, and hopefully to your plate after you read this article. Our InnerAge users are provided with personalized Focus Foods; they are algorithm-picked, real food options based on your internal biochemistry. Their goal? Turn the current you into the optimized you. Focus Foods have five benefits that are different from what you’ve seen or heard from your favorite nutrition celebrity or magazine. Each benefit was designed and developed by our nutrition and science experts to provoke change by making nutrition orders of magnitude smarter. Our expert nerds have done the tedious, detailed, tough science so you don’t have to.

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Cleansing and Detox Diets- New Ideas on a Popular Trend

By Neel Duggal Jan 20, 2015

Even though the surge in health-consciousness from New Year’s resolutions is waning, the use of cleansing and detox practices are back with more vigor than ever before. Millions of dollars each year pour into attempts to rid the body of “toxins”, substances supposedly causing all of our health problems ranging from daily fatigue to deadly diseases such as cancer. Most practitioners of cleansing or detox diets use fasting and special liquids to accelerate the removal of toxins from the body, believing that a quick fix can remedy our health problems. In this blog post we will get to the truth of what cleansing can really do from a scientific perspective and share how using InsideTracker can guide you in optimizing your health.

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InnerAge: How One Simple Number Ignites the Change You Need

By Gil Blander, PhD Jan 14, 2015

My name is Gil Blander and I am the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of InsideTracker, the company behind InnerAge. My scientific journey started at the age of 12, when one of my close relatives passed away,  triggering my thirst and quest for knowledge of how our body ages. While I knew I couldn’t stop the clock, I wanted to at least slow it down and give people the knowledge required to delay the aging process and improve their health and quality of life as a result. I decided to commit my life to science, and aging research in particular. I graduated from the Weizmann Institute of Science with a PhD in the biology of aging, and later became a postdoctoral scholar at MIT in Lenny Guarente’s Laboratory, for the Science of Aging. I wanted to do more than study methods on how to slow the aging process; I wanted to decisively apply scientific knowledge and help everyone live life to its full potential. In 2009, InsideTracker was born. Our talented team of scientists decided to develop a new, one-of-a-kind science-based platform that could make the future of personalized health analytics happen now. Objective, rich, scientific data at the service of the individual to support truly tailored decision making. 

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