How Does Giving Blood Affect Your Iron Levels?

By Ryan W. Cohen Jul 27, 2015

In this blog, InsideTracker Operations Manager Ryan Cohen shares a great example of how to take control of health and human performance by doing something a simple as donating blood to help others. Not only does donating save lives, it sometimes can help with optimizing one’s iron levels as well.

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America's Attitudes to Aging

By Erin Sharoni Jul 22, 2015

How old are you?

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Personalized Thrill: How to Choose the Right Endurance Race for You

By Kristin Higden Jul 20, 2015

The choices are growing in endurance racing, ranging from a friendly 5k “Turkey Trot “ to a full Ironman Race in Kona. When it comes to outdoor endurance sports, the options are not about merely matching up to the right sport, but it’s about fostering the right balance that matches training, family, and work. Being an emerging elite Triathlete myself, I juggle the needs of keeping my life in order while still finding a way to improve year to year. In this blog I promise that anyone wanting to take the first step in trying something new or falling in love with a sport they burned out from will get the right advice to move to a fresh start.

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How Looking Inside Helps You Deal with Overtraining

By Neel Duggal Jul 13, 2015

Are you a marathon runner feeling more fatigued than usual? A crossfit pro putting more effort into your strength training but not getting the results you want? An active person suddenly feeling under the weather after your workouts? If so, you might be suffering from overtraining syndrome (OTS).

When we think of OTS, our first instinct is to tell the “overtrainee” to either rest or stop complaining. However, biomarkers in your blood paint an intricate picture of the sources of overtraining that allow you to prevent and treat it much more effectively. In this article, we document how you can use blood analytics to determine if you’re overtraining and offer some actionable recommendations to get back to peak performance and health.

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How I Reclaimed 20 Years & Lost 9 Pounds with InsideTracker

By Erin Sharoni Jul 07, 2015

Yes, that title is accurate. 

No, it’s not part of a cheap marketing gimmick or get-young-and-skinny scheme. I won’t be asking you to fork over cash for a bottle of dubious pills or useless bags of tea.

But it did make you stop and look, right? 

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us care very much about the process of aging. Particularly, about how our bodies look and feel. There’s nothing wrong with caring about appearance if it means that looking healthy on the outside is reflective of actually being healthy on the inside. It doesn’t take a PhD to understand that the science unequivocally points to improved overall health (1) when the body is leaner than when it is overweight -- from your biomarkers right on down to that glowing skin.

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InnerAge: The Data-Driven Solution for Sport & Health

By Carl Valle Jul 01, 2015

Hundreds of elite athletes use InsideTracker to improve performance and extend their careers. What can regular users learn from using InnerAge to guide their fitness and wellness goals?

The move from analyzing individual biomarkers in the blood, to summarizing the current state of health and performance, is the new direction of being truly data-driven. Users who have either been tested with the InnerAge panel, or added the feature to the Ultimate and Performance Panels, can enjoy a few hidden gems in the platform. InnerAge is indeed a number, and it’s also the perfect gamification for those who want to win in life. As the great blog earlier this year explained, InnerAge is more than just a calculation of one’s biological age—it’s a support team in the race against the clock.

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Soluble Fiber Simplified

By Ashley Reaver, RD Jun 19, 2015

Soluble fiber is a key factor of metabolic health. Unfortunately, it has been thrown to the wayside recently with the re-emergence of low-carb diet trends such as the Paleo Diet. Its absence has a number of adverse effects.

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Your Diet and Your Allergies: An Unexpected Relationship

By Neel Duggal Jun 15, 2015

At InsideTracker, we believe that food affects much more than how you look in the mirror: It affects your total health and wellness. Thus, we are always investigating the latest research to learn more interesting relationships between your diet and biomarkers, the key health indicators in your blood. Recently, we stumbled upon a fascinating research review by three leading scientists which shows an association between diet, biomarkers, and allergies. Here’s how you can use InsideTracker’s blood testing and nutrition-based recommendations to optimize your biomarkers and potentially reduce inflammation associated with allergy-related conditions.

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Pace Breaker: How Biomarkers Move Sport & Life into Full Throttle

By Carl Valle Jun 12, 2015

Last weekend was a perfect example of how the term pace, in sport, is evolving each year. Three sports exemplified the concept of pace: horse racing, elite soccer, and Formula 1 auto racing. In a span of 24 hours, history was made at the Belmont stakes, thrilling lead changes in occurred Montreal during the Canadian Grand Prix, and glory was claimed in Berlin at the Champion’s League Final.

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QS15 Forget Normal Challenge

By Erin Sharoni Jun 10, 2015

InsideTracker recently teamed up with the fine folks over at Quantified Self Labs for the QS15 Forget Normal Challenge. What on earth is that, you ask?

Let us explain: Quantified Self Labs asked people to fill out a questionnaire explaining what kind of self-experiments they wanted to conduct, and how unlocking the answers in their blood using InsideTracker’s platform would help them do that. The selected winners would receive two free Ultimate panels, and would be asked to present their data and initial findings (in person or virtually) at the QS15 Conference & Exposition on June 18-20th in San Francisco.

The responses were nothing short of amazing.

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