Science of Romance: Hugs, Hormones & Heart Health

By Gil Blander, PhD Feb 12, 2016

February 14th is around the corner and whether it means a box of chocolates or just another Sunday, science has long proven that love is good for your body. While a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day may add a temporary spark to a relationship, it turns out that living every day with the right partner can both extend your lifespan and improve your health.

How is your health affected by the quality of your relationship? Does that feel-good feeling you get when a partner embraces you also boost your biomarkers? As usual, science has the answers.

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Beetroot Juice: Can It Really Boost Your Blood & Performance?

By Katie Mark Feb 09, 2016

Mom always told you to eat your beets. As usual, her instruction was on point. The health benefits of beets are well documented, but there’s a new trend on the performance-enhancing block in the form of juice — and not the illegal kind. Beetroot juice is all the rage these days, and it turns out it could be the key to unlocking increased speed and endurance in everyone from weekend warriors to seasoned pros.

Beetroot juice also packs a powerful cardiovascular health punch. That makes it the perfect topic for February’s theme of red: there's Valentine's Day, National Heart Health Month, and of course, February 5th was National Wear Red Day, the American Heart Association’s annual initiative to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke in women. Whether you decide to wear red or drink it, there’s more than one reason to try beetroot juice. We've even created a recipe so you can make your own!

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5 Super Bowl Snacks to Keep Your Game Day on Track

By Erin Sharoni Feb 02, 2016


Whether you're in it for the game, the commercials or the parties, one thing is certain: Super Bowl Sunday will involve food. And it probably won't be healthy. You may not care at another time of year, but if you're still clinging to those New Year's resolutions like the rest of us, you'll agree that potato-chip-fried-bacon-on-a-stick can be the snack that sabotages your clean eating plans. Never fear: InsideTracker recipes are here!

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How To Dominate Jet Lag & Stay Focused While Traveling

By Carl Valle Jan 26, 2016

The world’s best professional teams are investing millions into sport science to find the winning edge, and travel fatigue is a key factor as to who wins and who loses. Whether you are a frequent traveler that needs to dazzle investors on a business trip, a weekend warrior trying to set a personal best at a Spartan Race, or just someone wanting to enjoy every day on a far away vacation, read on to find your edge.

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Why Giving Blood Can Be Good For you

By Ross Yellin Jan 21, 2016

Did you know that every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood? In the time it took you to read these two sentences, at least two people have received a blood transfusion.

The numbers are staggering, and the need for blood donation is not only constant, but it’s also critical.

Since blood is at the core of our business, and January is National Blood Donor Month, we thought you might like to know how blood donation affects your biomarkers.

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A Tell All: Our Lead Nutrition Scientist Shares Fascinating Questions from Users [VIDEO]

By Erin Sharoni Jan 14, 2016

If you've ever wondered what sort of insight the head of nutrition at a biotech startup might have to offer, you're in luck: Ashley Reaver, RD, is our Lead Nutrition Scientist and she's full of stories. As the woman who fields the majority of user-submitted questions for InsideTracker, Ashley's seen and heard it all... and we're pretty sure you'll be intrigued.

Oh, and bonus prize: there's an awesome video interview to go along with this Q&A.

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Whey or Soy Protein: What Does Science Say?

By Neel Duggal Jan 11, 2016

Whey and soy are two of the most popular protein powders out there. But which one is the better choice for you? Below we look at the research on how these two proteins stack up against each other in helping you meet three common goals: shedding body fat, building muscle, and boosting testosterone.

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Behind the Scenes of Blood Testing

By Katya Margolin Jan 05, 2016


Blood testing is what health tracking devices always wanted to be.

They all show you aspects of what's happening in your body so you could make better lifestyle choices to be healthier, but blood testing tells a deeper story than a mobile app or wristband could tell on their own. With all these devices and services becoming more accessible, healthcare is finally shifting from your doctor's hands to your own, and advancements in blood testing are opening even greater doors. 

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2015 Was the Year of AWESOME!

By Erin Sharoni Dec 30, 2015

As 2015 comes to a close on the eve of yet another new year, we can't help but look back and smile. These 12 months have brought us some amazing moments and 55 countries. That's not a typo: InsideTracker is used in 55 countries and counting. We've gone global, and we're delighted to have so much of the world join us in our journey.

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Pills, Powders and Potions: The Top Sport & Fitness Supplements of 2016

By Carl Valle Dec 29, 2015


A few months ago, a nutrition infographic by sport scientist Dr. Le Meur made the rounds on social media, listing the best sport science approved supplements for athletes. The compilation was a list from the Australian Institute of Sport, and was an excellent starting point for those looking to improve their performance. Unfortunately, a framework of suggestions without knowledge of an athlete's specific goals and needs is not enough, so we did the rest of the work for you. In this article, we provide useful guidelines for getting started with supplements and offer the most practical advice for anyone looking to train and recover better.

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