Mark Cuban on Blood Testing- Drawing the Wrong Conclusion or a Step in the Right Direction?

By Bruce Williams Apr 24, 2015

Recently Mark Cuban created a firestorm with his suggestion to have consumer driven blood testing performed every three months.  The immediate pushback from medical professionals boiled down to the question of blood testing being a screening process for disease detection, and not one of health and performance that should be available to any layperson, or a generally available tool for the individual with curiosity.

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Exotic Oils- Break Boredom and Boost Metabolism with these 5 Healthy Fats

By Neel Duggal Apr 17, 2015

Two decades after the fat-free craze of the 90s, we now seem to be in the “every-fat-is-good for you” craze where it is ok to add that tablespoon of balsamic vinaigrette on top of your carb-free salad. However, does the new research support the belief that high-fat foods are good for your overall health and fitness? While no food science researcher or dietitian supports eating deep-fried anything or drizzling a full cup of olive oil on top of your salad, eating the right fats in the right amounts can certainly benefit your health and maximize your fitness. In this article, we examine the research evidence and nutrition data on five oils that can optimize your biomarkers if you properly incorporate them into your diet and monitor your lipids using InsideTracker. 

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Vitamin B12- How to Reach an Optimized Level for Women

By Bronwyn Long Apr 15, 2015

All B vitamins play an important role in women's health, particularly during the reproductive years. One notable member of this vitamin family is B12. Unfortunately, this vital molecule can rapidly leave the body without daily intake. Read on to find out when and why women need to pay special attention to vitamin B12 and what steps you can take to optimize your levels.

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Yoga: Using my Ancient Roots to Combat Modern-Day Stress

By Neel Duggal Apr 10, 2015

Everyone seems to be “stressed” and overwhelmed in modern times. And clearly I am no exception: my un-optimized levels of “the 3 C’s”- Cortisol, C-reactive protein, and Creatine Kinase- indicate that I don’t get enough relaxation and recovery. After looking at my InsideTracker recommendation engine, I saw a familiar friend to calm down my inflammation: yoga. In this series, I look at some of the key personal and scientific benefits of this ancient practice from my Indian heritage and how I am using it to combat my personal modern-day battles with stress and recovery.

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Zinc Supplementation on Trial: What does the Research Say?

By Neel Duggal Apr 02, 2015

Manufacturers of zinc supplements such as ZMA claim that consuming their products will boost your testosterone, strengthen your immunity, and improve your athletic performance. But are these lofty claims backed up by credible research? And is there really a need for athletes and the general population to consume these supplements? Read below to find out why you need to regularly monitor your zinc status and if regularly taking zinc supplements can enhance your health and athletic performance.

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New Science on an Ancient Spice: Garlic

By Ashley Reaver, RD Mar 31, 2015

Garlic has been a significant component of Mediterranean, East Asian, and African cultures for centuries. Not only known as a potent flavor contributor in the culinary realm, garlic is also revered for its medicinal abilities including antimicrobial, antiviral, and anticancer properties. Recently, western science has taken an interest in the ancient plant and uncovered evidence supporting its viability as a health-optimizing food. Below we detail garlic’s potential effects on key biomarkers, including cholesterol and blood glucose, as well as its protective role against high blood pressure and the common cold.

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Eat, Sleep, Track, Repeat: My Journey to the SXSW Conference

By Erin Sharoni Mar 27, 2015
Every March, just before the real Madness, there's a hashtag that trolls Twitter in a four-lettered flurry of chaos: #SXSW
SXSW, aka South By Southwest, is a massive set of film, music and tech conferences which could probably break the internet faster than anyone named Kim. 
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How Inflammation is Affecting Your InnerAge - The Key Burning Questions

By Neel Duggal Mar 25, 2015

Of the five biomarkers we showcase in our recently released InnerAge, we get the most questions about C-Reactive Protein (CRP). While it is poorly understood by the general public, healthcare professionals, and fitness trainers, this little protein produced by the liver is an extremely important indicator of health and wellness. Read below to learn why it is crucial to monitor your CRP and modify your lifestyle and nutrition in order to maximize your fitness and prevent the onset of aging.

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Using DHEAS as a biomarker of Aging in Women

By Elizabeth Shanahan Mar 20, 2015

DHEAS is part of InsideTracker’s new Female InnerAge, a set of biomarkers that are particularly important in women’s health and physiology.  DHEAS is an abundant molecule in the body that decreases naturally as women age. While it garners limited attention in health-related media, becoming informed about your own DHEAS levels using InsideTracker may help you optimize your muscle and bone health, sexual function, fitness performance, and longevity.

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Are Recovery Drinks helping you Fuel up or Fatten up?

By Katie Mark Mar 17, 2015

The key to getting bigger and stronger may not involve calculating the right ratio of carbs to protein for muscle growth post-workout. And forget the immediate anabolic window for replenishing muscle glycogen stores following a workout. We found research that challenges the exercise science dogma of an immediate carb-centric post-workout fueling. In this blog, we will explore better strategies to optimize muscle protein synthesis and muscle glycogen. Read below to see how InsideTracker data and recommendations can help you reevaluate your post-workout food no matter your dietary lifestyle choice or exercise regime by monitoring key biomarkers.

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