Paleo diet: What does the NEW science say? Study suggests high protein intake linked to disease, early death.

By Kalyn Weber Mar 12, 2014


We love talking about the science here at InsideTracker… and we’re glad to see that our readers do too! Many of you provided some really great feedback to our last blog on the science behind the paleo diet. Here’s some more science-talk for your reading pleasure.

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Eat like the Caveman Did? Determining if the Paleo Diet is Right for You

By Kalyn Weber Jan 28, 2014


Few would disagree that the evolution of the human diet has indeed been harmful for today’s society. The rise of processed, calorically dense, low-nutrient foods has spurred an epidemic of obesity and chronic disease. Could the solution to our woes simply be to return to the diet of our hunting and gathering ancestors?

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Diet Digest: Paleo or Atkins?

By Perrin Braun Oct 17, 2012


Are you shopping around for the best diet to suit your unique nutrient and physical needs? There’s so much information available that it can be overwhelming to choose which eating regimen is best for you. If you’re having difficulty figuring out what you should be eating to optimize your health and physical performance, the InsideTracker blood analysis can provide you with some important information about nutrients that your body needs.

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