These CrossFit Athletes Are Ready For The Games

By Laura Ligos, RD, July 21, 2016


With the 2016 CrossFit Games in full swing, we wanted to share our excitement with you, our readers. Not only are we looking forward to watching the athletes fight for the title of “The Fittest,” but we are also excited to have members of the InsideTracker team at The Games this year in Vendor Village. If you are going to be there, be sure to stop by to learn how you can improve your health and fitness!

For the 10th anniversary of the Games, Games Director, Dave Castro, promised the athletes that “this year’s competition is going to push you to limits you have never pushed yourself to before. This will be the most difficult CrossFit Games, mentally and physically, we have ever done.” For the sake of good sport and competition, we hope he keeps his promise!

There is nothing like being inspired by those who show us what hard work, dedication and raw grit is all about. When put to the test, these top athletes rise to new levels and keep us on the edge of our seat. In order to do so, these athletes are doing far more than just pull-ups, power cleans, and rope climbs to prepare for their main event of the year – they’re also testing with InsideTracker.

How fit are you?

We have the distinct pleasure of working with some of the best and fittest in the sport of CrossFit and love that they believe, as we do, that knowledge is power. That knowing what their blood work shows is not scary, but in fact empowering. Congratulations to these athletes and coaches, who in our book are the fittest inside and out:

#1 Katrín Davídsdóttir

Earning the title of the Fittest Woman on Earth at last year’s CrossFit Games, Katrín puts in the hard work, and it shows! She loves seeing what her blood work shows throughout the season and is able to see improvements through diet and lifestyle changes. We wish her the best of luck as she defends her title!


#2 Cole Sager

A Games veteran, Cole knows his way around a competition, but he also loves knowing what he should be doing throughout the season to improve his performance, recovery, and overall health. Since knowledge is power, we know he’s empowered to get after it!


#3 Michele Letendre

Another CrossFit Games alum, Michele is one of the most dedicated around. Not only does her training wow us on Instagram but her attention to detail with her diet and exercise make her one of the fittest around. Bon chance Michele!


#4 Becca Day

Becca is a fun athlete to watch both on the competition floor and on her social media accounts. She came to us to see what small changes she could make to her diet and lifestyle that would make big improvements in her performance and recovery. We hope that knowledge fuels her and Team Dynamix to peak performance!


#5 Christy Adkins

Better known as Christy CrossFit, Christy is known for her consistency each year. She continues to excel in CrossFit and with InsideTracker, she has been able to dial in her diet to help her reach new levels of athletic performance. Good luck Ms. CrossFit!


#6 Jessa Lemoine

Jessa has competed many times at the Games and is currently going to Carson with Team Back Bay from our home base in Boston. Jessa defines tenacity, and we love that she takes a deep dive into her health with blood work. Good luck to Jessa and Team Back Bay!


#7 Ben Bergeron

While Ben may not be competing as an athlete we all know he is one of the Coaches to watch at the Games. Ben has coached many athletes to the Games and happens to be the coach of a few of our top athletes. Ben knows that to become the best, you have to be the best, both inside and out.


@inside_tracker #blooddontlie @katrintanja @mich_letendre

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Congratulations to all the athletes who have made it to the CrossFit Games this year. We will be cheering you on, and cannot wait to see you crush your goals and become the fittest version of yourself. And remember, #KnowledgeIsPower.

Do you want to see what the InsideTracker team is up to during the Games? If you'll be there too, stop by our tent in Vendor Village. Otherwise, be sure to follow the action on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

How fit are you?

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