How an InsideTracker Membership Uses Data to Add Healthy Years to Your Life

By InsideTracker, June 27, 2024


Imagine the healthiest possible version of yourself. Strong heart, good muscle tone, ideal body weight. You have all the energy you’d hope for and a real sense of control over your body.

Now, how do you make that happen? What specific steps should you follow to achieve this ultra-healthy you

Most people don’t know the answer. The path forward is hidden behind a fog of confusing doctor visits and misleading online health advice.

Do you need more protein, or more vegetables? More cardio, or more weight lifting? Another supplement, or are you already taking too many?!

This overwhelming sense of confusion explains why so many people give up on their health goals. They get lost in the fog, and motivation disappears. 

That's where InsideTracker comes in. By clearing the path forward, we allow you to move with confidence toward any health goal.


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What you get as an InsideTracker Member

InsideTracker Membership is a data-driven approach to health that's built on decades of scientific research. It leverages your blood, DNA, fitness tracker data, and more. 

With simple reports, it shows you what's happening inside your body, and then it shows you how to use that information to reach your health goals. 

Unlike large studies and health books written for best-seller lists, InsideTracker's recommendations are 100% personal. The platform analyzes your data to create recommendations unique to you.

It's a proactive approach to health that goes well beyond traditional healthcare. Let's explore the key features.

Optimal zones for every marker

You’ve probably received bloodwork from your doctor in the past. It likely measured your cholesterol, triglycerides, and a few other biomarkers. For each one, your results were classified as “normal” or “clinically abnormal.” 

InsideTracker believes in a more personalized and action-oriented approach. 

We test dozens of biomarkers you won’t find in a typical doctor-issued blood test, and when we do, we calculate your unique optimized zone for each one (not just generic “normal” ranges). These zones are rooted in decades of scientific research and are generated based on your demographic data, making them personalized to you. 

Identifying suboptimal biomarkers allows you to proactively improve them instead of waiting until you have a clinical problem.

Keep in mind that your biomarker levels are a snapshot in time. You’ll need to routinely retest to understand how your current habits are impacting your body.


Healthspan category scores

While “lifespan” is a measure of how long you live, “healthspan” is a measure of how many healthy years you live. It looks at the length of your life in good health, without chronic diseases or age-related disorders. 

InsideTracker takes healthspan seriously. We help you add healthy years, which allows you to feel better today and improve your long-term functional capacity (the ability to continue to do your usual day-to-day activities). 

To that end, we categorize your body’s data—from blood and fitness trackers—into 10 “healthspan category scores.” These quantify your health on a scale of 0 to 100 across key areas like metabolism, heart health, sleep, and cognition

Each score gives you context into how your body is performing. It also shows you where you need to put your effort. And as you add more data to the platform—through additional blood tests and more time with your fitness tracker—your healthspan category scores continue to reflect your current health status. 

(To learn more about healthspan category scores, click here.)

Personalized recommendations

With InsideTracker Membership, you get personalized health advice based on your data. This includes specific recommendations for nutrition, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle.

These recommendations are based on thousands of peer-reviewed studies, and the InsideTracker science team has thoroughly reviewed them for efficacy. You can be confident they’re the best advice for your body, based on your current health status and habits.

What’s more, all of your recommendations are ranked in order of impact. So, a recommendation with an impact score of "10" can improve multiple markers you're working on, and it has the strongest evidence to support its efficacy.

Critically, the recommendations you see are as important as those you don't see. If a specific action isn't relevant to you, we won't waste your time with it.

Action Plan

Once you’ve reviewed your recommendations, it’s time to create your Action Plan. This is the health map you’ll follow for the next 90 days, and you can build it by toggling each InsideTracker recommendation on or off. 

The number and type of recommendations to add to your Action Plan is fully customizable. You decide what works best for you. Our advice is to start with 3 to 5 new habits. Once you’ve spent time with them, you can add more or trim them back.



Be sure your InsideTracker app notifications are turned on so you can receive your daily ProTips. These are timely and highly personalized bits of advice on how to improve your health that day. 

Tough night of sleep? Learn what you can do to improve it tonight. Just crushed a workout? Get a simple meal idea with the carb and protein composition you need to recover. 

With daily tips based on your habits, your health goals become easier to achieve.


You’re already familiar with your “chronological age.” This is the number you cite when someone asks you how old you are. 

Your InnerAge, sometimes called a “biological age,” shows you how you're aging on the inside. It’s based on an analysis of the biomarkers making you older and younger. If your chronological age is 50, your InnerAge could be something else, like 45 or 55. 

Along with your InnerAge, you'll receive targeted recommendations to improve the biomarkers making you biologically older.


Get the most out of your InsideTracker Membership

With your InsideTracker Membership, you get the comprehensive health analysis and science-backed recommendations described above. But the precision of your plan depends on the data you make available. 

Let’s dive into the various inputs InsideTracker can analyze for you.

Blood test data

Blood biomarkers include hormones, enzymes, lipids, and more. Think cholesterol, testosterone, and vitamin D. You’ll measure these with a blood test. 

Odds are, you already have some blood test results from your past doctor visits. With InsideTracker Membership, you can upload these results to the platform to get a better picture of your trends and track them in one place. 

In addition, you can purchase low-priced, comprehensive blood tests directly through InsideTracker (if you live in the United States or Canada). 

The more biomarker data you have, the more personalized your analysis and recommendations will be. 

See here for a full list of the blood biomarkers InsideTracker analyzes.

DNA Kit Upload

DNA results

Your DNA impacts your health—whether you measure it or not. Once you know your DNA, you can add it to your roadmap.

Let's say your DNA shows you have a high genetic risk for elevated cholesterol. Once you have this knowledge, you can prioritize habits that support healthy cholesterol levels. These include eating more fiber, participating in aerobic activity, and getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

You can purchase a DNA Kit at checkout when you buy an InsideTracker blood test. When you do, you’ll get a detailed report on 38 wellness traits. 

Likewise, if you have DNA results from 23andMe or Ancestry, you can upload them to the platform with your membership.

*Available in the US only

Fitness tracker data

When you become a member, you’ll be able to sync your Oura Ring, Fitbit, Garmin Connect, or Apple Health to the InsideTracker app. This allows you to merge real-time data on sleep, heart rate, and activity levels with your blood and DNA. 

This data makes the recommendations you see on the platform more unique to you. It also informs the ProTips you receive, helping you to get better sleep, properly refuel post-workout, and improve biomarkers more efficiently.


Habit data

Completing your Health Profile is a critical step in personalizing your results and recommendations. You'll be prompted to do so during onboarding. 

This is where you'll fill in information about who you are, along with your dietary and workout preferences. You'll describe how often you eat certain foods, which supplements you take, how much sunlight you get, and more.

Habit data is included in your health analysis. The algorithm connects these personal details to your biomarkers and makes sure your recommendations are in line with your preferences.


The proof is in the data

InsideTracker members make measurable improvements to their health. Here are just a few examples of what members experience using the platform: 

  • InsideTracker Members see results. By their second blood test, 80% of members nudge at least one “suboptimal” biomarker into the optimal zone for health. 
  • Using InnerAge improves outcomes: Members who add InnerAge see even better results. In our review, 60% of members with an InnerAge higher than their actual age lowered it by their next test.
  • Creating a plan leads to efficient change: Following an Action Plan leads to proven results. In an analysis of one biomarker (vitamin D), members who followed their plan were 14% more likely to reach the optimal zone for health. Apply that finding across dozens of biomarkers and you get a health boost you can feel.

Real results, real people

Don’t just take our word for it—discover the inspiring success stories of InsideTracker members. To date, over 100,000 people have used InsideTracker for themselves. 

Check out the personal story from Heather Casey as she unpacks how InsideTracker’s recommendations helped to reshape her health—and avoid a major surgery.

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