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By Gil Blander, PhD, September 20, 2021


InsideTracker users are telling us they have big goals. So, they were our inspiration for making some big updates to the InsideTracker platform. We're throwing coaching, A.I., algorithms, and everything we have to help them reach their goals.

Here is a hit list of the improvements, and more importantly, why they matter…

Your body's dashboard

Everything starts with your goal. We do the math, the computational biology, and search near and far for the best changes you can make based on your selfie from the inside. We do all that so you don't need to.

After you pick your key goal, our updated dashboard feature gives you a quick and easy overview of the entire breadth of the InsideTracker platform. It provides you with a snapshot of the changes you’ve selected and gives you next steps to ensure you’re getting maximum impact. 


You can see that based on the algorithm recommendations, this user has chosen to take a probiotic and incorporate moderate amounts of caffeine, peanut butter, nonfat milk, and old fashioned rolled oats into their routine. 

We have built a time machine, just for you

Planning is key. How long should you follow each of your recommendations? This is one of the most common questions we hear from our users. How long until I need to re-test?  So, we built you a timeline that is packed with a scientific punch! You can now know the answer with confidence, knowing that our scientists, techies, and nerds simulated all these possible permutations with you in mind.

We even let you decide how aggressive you want to be (again, within scientific limits) when going after your goal.

Curious to see what your biomarkers are telling you?

And don’t forget to scroll down! Underneath your action items, you’ll find a cool new summary of your results. The new animation gives an at-a-glance view of your biomarkers that are at risk, need work, and those that are optimized. Plus, you can also see how you’re tracking, and hopefully improving, over time with the accompanying comparison chart.

We want you to stick to your plan, so we are checking in

Speaking of the new Dashboard, maybe you noticed the big green button that says “I’m ready for check-in”? 

Keeping in mind the old adage that consistency is key, and science proves that to be true, we’ve added a new check-in feature to help you hit your marks day in and day out.


So how do you check-in? You will receive a daily prompt that is sent to you in your most convenient way. Want a text? No problem. Prefer an email? Check your inbox. Nothing at all? Just log-in and hit the big green "I'm ready for check-in" button.

At the end of each week, we’ll provide you with feedback on how you’re progressing. If we notice you need some help with a specific recommendation, this will include helpful tips to ensure your success. Should you want a reminder of how you did the week before, just hit the “see how I did last week” button right under your timeline.


Again, our goal is to help you reach yours, and we know that if you stick to the plan, you’ll get there faster. It’s yet another tool to help keep your body finely tuned.

Reach for a brand new goal

While you’re checking out the new features, you may have noticed something else new – a new goal! Welcome “Overall Health” to the InsideTracker family. This goal focuses on your most significant out-of-range markers and is a great place to start for those who don’t have a specific goal in mind but want to optimize their, you guessed it, overall health.

Celebrate your achievements


Whether your goal is to improve your metabolism, gain strength and power, or optimize your overall health, we believe your achievements along the way are something to be celebrated. We’re doing just that. From filling out your profile, to lowering your InnerAge, you’ll be rewarded with unique badges of honor that celebrate the work you’re doing to achieve your goals as you hit certain milestones in your InsideTracker journey.

And there you have it. The latest and greatest updates to the InsideTracker platform. All made with you and your goals in mind. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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