America's Attitudes to Aging

By Erin Sharoni, September 20, 2021

How old are you?

That's a question that most of us assume people prefer not to ask or answer.

It turns out, that's not the case. American attitudes toward aging are shifting, as attitudes tend to do over time.

According to the findings of our national, Attitudes To Aging study, 65% of people surveyed across age ranges think they look good for their age, while 61% feel younger...despite the fact that on average, people have a biological age that is 3.13 years OLDER than their actual age!

In the group of individuals who have tested their biological age using our own InnerAge product, a whopping 60% have an InnerAge that is older than what the calendar indicates.


“While people claim to look and feel younger than their years, scientific study after study show people are in fact more likely to be older than their chronological age,” says Dr. Gil Blander, InsideTracker's founder and Chief Science Officer.

“That being said, our America’s Attitudes to Aging study shows people are taking active roles to combat the impacts of aging and are embracing the prospect of their senior years.  Today, 50 is the new 30, people in their 60s are far from being considered old and people are enjoying  and expecting to lead healthy, active lives well into their 80s.”

That's the good news: peple are actively engaged in combating aging. And the study finds that a surprising 54% of them tend to choose dietary changes to address the effects of aging over less effective solutions like topical anti-aging creams. 

The better news: InsideTracker can help you take that a step further. Go beyond just consuming the foods that are "good for us all"...we offer you a list of foods that are the best for YOU, based on your unique set of biomarkers, of course.



Some practical steps that can help you improve your longevity include:

  • Avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Quitting smoking
  • Eating more foods such as avocados, beans, and artichokes to reduce glucose
  • Eating more salmon, cheese, and mushrooms to increase levels of vitamin D
  • Incorporating citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit into your diet to improve immune function

Of course, you can't measure what you don't know. InsideTracker's InnerAge test will tell you just how hold you really are...and how to reclaim those years! 

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