Our Biggest News Update of 2019

By Julia Reedy, MNSP, December 29, 2019

insidetracker-platform-demo-ipad-12019 was the year at InsideTracker. We launched some of the most important platform updates to date, made some important connections with InsideTracker users across the country, and have been testing some new functionalities to be released next year. Here's the latest from us—plus an inside secret about what to expect in 2020.


Profile page

We redesigned your InsideTracker profile

The InsideTracker profile is one of the critical components of the ultra-personalized, blood-based recommendations our platform provides. It's where you can indicate your current habits—from diet patterns to exercise information to your supplement regimen. All of this information combines with your blood data to help the InsideTracker machine identify the most potent actions that you can take to improve your wellbeing.

Why is your profile so important? Well, if you're already taking an iron supplement, a recommendation to take an iron supplement won't be very helpful. And if you're a vegan, a recommendation to eat more fish won't sit very well. So it's incredibly important that, with each new InsideTracker blood test, your profile is updated to reflect your current habits.

With this in mind, we completely revamped the profile page and made it easier than ever to document your habits and get recommendations best suited for you. We added new supplements to our list, made space for you to add more detail about your workouts, and made our dietary habits section more intuitive. Now, updating your profile is smoother than ever.

Take a tour of the InsideTracker platform.


We tackled cutting-edge science topics

This year, we joined the conversation about wellness and nutrition's hottest topics with:



We launched our very own DNA product

InsideTracker launched DNA integration in 2017, but it wasn't until this year that we created our own DNA product. InsideTracker's blood biomarkers—things like sodium, cholesterol, or glucose—are a great way of checking how your body is doing. Levels can change all the time, so a blood test gives a valuable snapshot of your health at a given moment. This biomarker data drives our set of science-backed personalized recommendations to help you reach your goals. Our genetic report adds another level of insight—another layer or lens through which we can view blood test data and further contextualize your results. 

Want to learn more about DNA+blood. This page gives the rundown. You can also check out our FAQ page for more detail.


Product tour

We made touring the InsideTracker platform easy—and beautiful

We know that the entire concept of InsideTracker, start to finish, can be a bit overwhelming. The amount of science and data that goes into our platform makes it an incredibly complex tool, and that can make distilling  its most important components quite a challenge. Enter: our new tour.

The tour provides the clearest possible rundown of the cutting-edge science that makes us unique, the powerful machine behind our ultra-personalized recommendations, and your experience after purchase. Ultimately, our goal in creating this feature was to answer as many commonly-asked questions about the power of InsideTracker as possible. So if you've ever wanted to take the InsideTracker platform for a test ride before committing, the tour is for you. 

Want to try out the tour for yourself? Get immediate access on this page.


We expanded our customer support network

In April, we prioritized listening to our users and utilizing feedback to improve in the years to come. To this end, we launched our Net Promoter Score (NPS), versions of which you've probably seen across the web: "On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend InsideTracker to a friend?" By asking this question, we can understand where we're succeeding and where we're falling short so we can maximize InsideTracker's value to our customers. 

In May, we established a contract with a new mobile blood service partner. This allows us to cover customers in areas or situations in which getting to a Quest Diagnostics location simply isn't feasible. With our new partner, we're confident mobile blood draws will have higher quality and reliability. We're also working with this partner to solve New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island blood draw service issues and continue our services in those three states soon.

We were also getting lots of requests for supplement brands from our users, which we heard loud and clear. So our science team did the research to identify reputable brands in the market. Now, if you receive a recommendation for a supplement from InsideTracker, you'll also get a list of brands we recommend, purely based on safety and quality standards. 

And finally, we expanded the ways you can reach us for support! We doubled the size of our team, so there's now significantly more manpower to field any questions you may have. And as of Fall 2019, you can now use our text support feature or phone support menu to reach the team most suited to handle your request. We also have a live demo option available to people in the US!


insidetracker boulder roadshow

We hit the road with our customers—including some top athletes

We witnessed some major successes from InsideTracker pros this year. We had 2 athletes in the men's top 10 (Matt Daniels 4th, Patrick Reagan 8th) and 4 in the women's top 10 (Clare Gallagher 1st, Kaci Lickteig 3rd, Nicole Bitter 7th, Corrine Malcolm 10th) at the Western States 100 in California. On top of that, 25 athletes who qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials (4% of the field!) are InsideTracker users. 

After three years of collaboration, GU Energy Labs innovated and created two new products based on what they saw from InsideTracker bloodwork of elite athletes: a magnesium and vitamin D combo and a probiotic supplement. Both are now available on their site!

We also started our very own traveling circus: The InsideTracker Road Show. The Road Show has been an awesome way to connect with InsideTracker users and runner communities all over the country. With each show, we had a group run and supported local businesses with our meet-ups. After our launch in Boulder, CO (pictured above), we also hit Flagstaff, AZ and San Francisco, CA. Stay tuned in 2020 for a Road Show near you!


Coming in 2020: we're integrating data from wearable devices 

The InsideTracker data science team is currently completing one of the biggest integrations in our history: wearable devices! We're working with Fitbit users to get the most out of the data collected by their watches and provide unique insights and perspectives on things like sleep, activity, and resting heart rate. We already have more than 7,000 days and nights of data recorded by Fitbit and are using them to give actionable recommendations based on the analysis. Plus, we're creating a weekly digest report so you can track your progress over time—just like your blood biomarkers.

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