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5 Snacks to Keep You on Track During the Big Game

By Erin Sharoni, January 31, 2020


Whether you're in it for the game, the commercials or the parties, one thing is certain: Super Bowl Sunday will involve food. And it probably won't be healthy. You may not care at another time of year, but if you're still clinging to those New Year's resolutions like the rest of us, you'll agree that potato-chip-fried-bacon-on-a-stick can be the snack that sabotages your clean eating plans. Never fear: InsideTracker recipes are here!

An upgrade in health doesn't mean a downgrade in taste. Not by a long shot. To help you prep for game day while keeping your biomarkers in check, we've put together a hit list of 5 recipes that your mouth is sure to love as much as your blood will. 

Each recipe below tells you which biomarkers it improves — supporting everything from metabolism to performance — so you can fantasize about being on the field while chowing down. 

Are your snacks on the right track?

1st & Goal Guac

IMPROVES: Glucose, Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, hsCRP, WBC, DHEAS, Folate

A Super Bowl party isn't complete without homemade guacamole. But not all guac is biomarker-friendly. Avocados are actually a very healthy food that do a body good when they're not mixed with heavy cream and processed cheese. Other ingredients in our recipe, like fresh garlic, tomato, and jalapeno are nutritional powerhouses. This guac packs a list of benefits so long, you may want to make two bowls.


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Red Zone Roasted Sweet Potatoes

IMPROVES: Glucose, Total Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, WBC

We don't need to tell you why baked is better than fried. But you might be surprised to learn that these tasty little sweet potato wedges pack a powerful nutrient punch: they're rich in vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin C, potassium and fiber, among other goodies. Throw in the glucose-lowering cinammon and coconut oil rich in MCTs and it's quite the metabolic party. 


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Kickoff Kale Chips

IMPROVES: Folate, Vitamin E, Iron, WBC

Don't groan about kale being "so 2015." It's been around longer than anyone reading this has. This crunchy, crispy kale chip recipe is sure to convert even the most obstinate potato-chip-lover on your couch. If it doesn't, feel free to direct all blame our way. Meantime, you can feel happy about feeding your body a supply of fiber, iron and potassium without all the nasty trans-fats and empty carbs.

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BBQ Blitz Drumsticks

IMPROVES: Iron, Vitamin B12, Creatine Kinase, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, HDL

You can't have a Super Bowl fiesta without some chicken on the table — unless, of course, you're vegetarian (in which case, we direct you to one of the other recipes on this page). Here's a fun fact: if you're chowing down on regular Buffalo wings, six pieces alone can have up to 500 calories and 38 grams of fat! Try our spiced, grilled version instead, and your biomarkers will be sure to thank you.


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Touchdown Tostadas

IMPROVES: Testosterone, Cortisol, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, Creatine Kinase, HDL

Stressed out about that next touchdown? These chicken tostadas are cortisol-friendly and contain magnesium, an effective stress-busting mineral. We can't promise they'll soothe your soul when the kicker misses that extra point, but you can rest assured that you're covered on a molecular level.

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EXTRA POINT: Even if you decide to indulge in a few biomarker-busting treats, here's a game day tip from our Lead Nutrition Scientist, Ashley Reaver: "A good snack should include both protein and fat, which will help keep you full until your next meal." Copy that, coach. 

Are your snacks on the right track?

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