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Our Lowest-Priced Test Might Be the Best Option for You

By Julia Reedy, MNSP, January 21, 2021

Woman saving money DIY EssentialsAlright, time to get real: we hear you. We’ve been told more than once that the price tags of our top-tier tests give would-be-InsideTracker-users pause before purchase. So, instead of turning a blind eye (or a deaf ear? You get the point), we’re leaning in and breaking down how you can become an InsideTracker pro without spending cash like one.


Enter: Our DIY and Essentials plans

First up: our lowest-price plan. DIY allows you to upload blood test results that you got from a provider other than InsideTracker (e.g. your doctor, employer, insurance company, etc.). The DIY Basic tier allows you to upload results for up to 14 biomarkers, and the DIY Advanced tier has space for you to provide data for all of the 42 markers InsideTracker tests.

Essentials, on the other hand, comes with an InsideTracker blood draw. If you opt for this one, you’ll get 12 biomarkers spanning 5 categories (Energy & Metabolism, Strength & Endurance, Bone & Muscle Health, Brain & Body, Oxygen & Performance):

  • Glucose
  • Total Cholesterol
  • HDL Cholesterol
  • LDL Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Creatine Kinase
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Folate
  • Hemoglobin
  • Ferritin

All of these options (two tiers of DIY, Essentials) make great additions to your overall healthcare regimen. Making a smaller investment in one of these tests could help prevent you from spending more healthcare dollars down the line. Want to know if one is right for you? Here are four reasons that one of these tests would fit right into your life.

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They're great if you've gotten a blood test from your doctor

DIY gives you access to the InsideTracker platform without charging you for the cost of a blood draw. So, then, where does your data come from? Well, if you’ve ever gotten bloodwork done by your doctor, health insurance company, employer, or the like, you already have it! Right now, that’s probably in the form of a table or chart with a couple columns of numbers: your results and a reference range for each. That’s all you need! InsideTracker can transform that boring black and white paper into a multi-dimensional story about your health.

DIY allows you to either manually input these values or upload an image of your results. They then get scanned by an InsideTracker team member and uploaded to your account. From there, your experience from there would be quintessential InsideTracker—personalized recommendations, a weekly action plan, and a retest schedule.

Have you been getting your bloodwork done for years? You can retroactively add old results to your InsideTracker account and observe the molecular trends and changes that have led you to where you are today. Purchasing either Advanced or Basic DIY gives you access to the InsideTracker platform for 12 months, but you can upload results from as many tests as you want during that period. Once it expires, just renew!


They're perfect for holding you over between Ultimate tests

Hypothetical situation: You purchased and used an Ultimate, our most comprehensive test, a few months ago. You’ve been adhering to your recommendations and are feeling some changes. You want to quantify them with a selfie from the inside, but don’t think you need the full 42-biomarker-spread quite yet. Do you:
  1. Test 12 key biomarkers spanning multiple facets of health and performance with our Essentials package or
  2. Upload results from your doctor for free with DIY?

Regardless of which door your choose, you have the opportunity to refresh your results. Think of it as a signpost on your wellness journey: you stopped and got directions a while ago with your last Ultimate, and you’ll probably do the same eventually, but for now, you just need the thumbs up that you’re traveling in the right direction. Bonus: you’ll save some money in the process.


They provide a basic understanding of your current health state

Once we get to a certain age, it becomes essential to bring health and wellness to the forefront of our mind— and lives. But it can be hard to know how and where exactly that starts. Do you need to focus on reducing your blood sugar? Is your familial high cholesterol starting to express itself? How is your diet stacking up? Your blood can answer these questions, and InsideTracker can tell you what to do with those answers.

No matter which biomarkers you have data or get tested for, InsideTracker will give you personalized recommendations to get your health journey started.


They're perfect for test driving InsideTracker!

If you’ve had your eye on InsideTracker but have been hesitant to spring for an Ultimate, these two options can be a great way to get the full experience without digging into your pockets. DIY has the capacity to give you as much info as an Ultimate would, and Essentials will give you a well-rounded snapshot of your current health state.

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