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How do you coach a client to go from good, to great, to optimized? As a performance or nutrition professional, you know that, in order to help each individual client excel, you need to provide personalized training plans, nutrition guidelines, and recommendations. But it’s difficult to make truly personalized recommendations when you have an incomplete picture of what’s going on inside your athletes—and how their bodies are responding to changes. That’s where InsideTracker Pro comes in.

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Traditional approaches to coaching can miss critical information

Say one of your clients is about to start training for a marathon. Everything that you can see and everything that they tell you indicates that they’re primed and ready to hit training hard. But that level of information proved insufficient for Holley Samuel, RD, CPT, and CEO of Fit Cookie Nutrition. Her expertise led her to suspect an invisible issue in one of her athletes—and her hunch proved critical in not only his performance, but in his safety. 

As an RD, Holley constantly has vitamin D status on her mind, as low blood vitamin D levels are associated with bone injury.[1] This was especially true for one particular athlete, not because of his performance, but because he lived in New England (vitamin D is produced in the skin from sunlight, which is lacking in northeast winters). Holley recommended that he get his blood tested with InsideTracker before diving into an all-out training regimen, and it was a good thing she did. His results showed that his vitamin D levels were not only below his InsideTracker optimized zone (more on that later), but that he was actually clinically deficient. 

By using InsideTracker Pro, Holley was able to get an objective understanding of her athlete’s health, coordinate with him to implement InsideTracker’s personalized recommendations for improving his vitamin D status, and track his progress towards optimization over time. In doing so, they worked to prevent injury and maximize his marathon training safely. 

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Why become an InsideTracker Pro?

Oftentimes, coaches like Holley have had to rely on surface-level tools to assess the impact of things like training programs or eating habits on their clients’ progress. But these traditional approaches and data sources alone provide an incomplete picture of a client’s wellness status and can miss critical signs related to performance, recovery, and even potential injuries. So how can coaches get the full picture? Physiological data, from blood, DNA, and even wearable activity trackers—all of which come with the potential to deliver ultra-personalized insights—have the potential to expand coaching in the 21st century. 

Despite this, few options exist to translate blood, DNA, and activity tracker data into meaningful insights and actions. And those that do exist lack specificity or recommendations beyond clinical guidelines. That’s where InsideTracker Pro comes in. InsideTracker Pro allows you as the coach to monitor your clients' physiological data and provide them with ultra-personalized recommendations powered by InsideTracker. Clients can purchase an InsideTracker product online in minutes and easily schedule a blood draw at a nearby lab, opt to receive a blood draw from the comfort of their own home, or upload existing blood test results. As their coach, you'll receive their results—along with their personalized InsideTracker recommendations to address anything that may be holding them back. Here's what you and your clients get from that process.


The power of InsideTracker in your hands

InsideTracker is the science-backed, ultra-personalized performance platform that can now be easily integrated into your practice. 

Measure and track blood biomarkers key for athletic performance

IT App 2InsideTracker captures valuable blood biomarkers related to athletic performance that aren’t included in a regular complete blood count (CBC) panel conducted during yearly physicals. InsideTracker measures ferritin, vitamin D, cortisol, vitamin B12, and DHEAS, among numerous other blood biomarkers related to wellness and performance. Ferritin, for example, contributes to iron storage and ensuring adequate oxygen delivery to muscles during exercise in all people. But in endurance athletes, optimized ferritin is absolutely essential to maintain output and prevent fatigue during long, intense bouts of exercise. These are biomarkers at the top of Holley’s list when viewing her athlete’s results. “Knowing these values is so helpful, and most are easy to address through the food and supplementation recommendations InsideTracker provides.”  

Get personalized, optimized zones for each biomarker

InsideTracker provides each athlete with individualized, optimized ranges for each biomarker. These ranges are based on a person’s age, gender, activity level, lifestyle preferences, ethnicity, and more. Critically, these optimized ranges are narrower than what’s considered “normal” on a typical lab test. Because as anyone with a competitive spirit will tell you, ”normal” isn’t good enough. And this is true at the biological level, too—athletes have very different nutrient requirements than the average person. InsideTracker’s optimized zones capture these nuances to ensure an athlete is as strong and healthy as possible, down to the molecular level.

“InsideTracker provides optimized ranges, so if you're falling outside the optimized range but still 'normal' according to conventional healthcare, you're probably still not optimizing your performance. I like that InsideTracker fine-tunes it for the athletic population,” says Holley. 

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An enhanced relationship with your clients

InsideTracker Pro adds a dimension to your practice and helps you to objectively track your clients’ progress on a biological level.

Access the coach dashboard to monitor your client’s journey 

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InsideTracker Pro includes a Personal Coach Dashboard that you can use to access and track your clients’ results and recommendations (with their granted permission) in a HIPPA compliant, secure way. This makes collaboration between coach and athlete or practitioner and client run smoothly, and is also conducive for telehealth services. 

Megan Roche, physician and run coach, says, “I love data science and I'm impressed with how InsideTracker displays data. It's very easy for me as a coach to look across athletes and see trends on my team, and to look within athletes so I can get a trend for how an athlete is performing over time and how that compares to their InsideTracker results.” 

Get your clients on board with a clear and concise path forward

Change and growth aren’t easy. As nutrition and performance professionals, you’re constantly pushing and encouraging your clients to grow and improve. And a little nudge to take those first steps towards change can be critical for getting a new program. 

Holley finds it helpful when her clients get a “black-and-white” picture of what’s going on internally. “Seeing that a test value isn’t optimized and knowing that there’s something to be done about it helps with motivation, and then they’re actually excited to make the change,” she says. 

Your clients also get the peace of mind that their recommendations are supported by objective data. Gone are the days of experimental supplementation—they'll get exact dosage and frequency recommendations for their entire supplement regiment, including vitamin D, B12, and iron. It’s easy for your clients to observe any biological problems, receive tailored actionable steps to fix them, and track improvements in their performance and physiological data over time. 


A support system behind you

You’re never going at it alone while using InsideTracker Pro. As a Pro, you have access to the Resource Center, a wealth of materials on the value of InsideTracker to help clients maximize the impact of their InsideTracker results and recommendations. Promotional and educational materials are also available for you to use in your own marketing. In addition, Pros and their clients are eligible for valuable InsideTracker discounts, and Pros can earn additional revenue through the program to help grow their practice. 

InsideTracker Pro is a great option for providers in the US and Canada who have shifted to virtual practices as a part of their new normal. InsideTracker plans are often less expensive than ordering blood work through a physician and can be reimbursed through an HSA, HRA, or FSA (info here). All biomarkers measured by an InsideTracker test are evaluated from a single blood draw and results are often available to review in just a few days. 


Become an InsideTracker Pro

We hear time and time again that our customers find immense value in tracking their biomarkers’ progress over time. And now, InsideTracker Pro allows you as the professional to use these insights to create custom testing roadmaps (see an example here) and action plans with your client’s specific needs in mind, equipping you to be a better coach so your athletes perform at their best.  

Empower your athletes to enhance their performance with the ultra-personalized insights and recommendations that InsideTracker provides. In order to help your athletes go from good, to great, to optimized, you need to start inside. 

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