Antidepressant Food Score: Can Diet Influence Depression Risk and Treatment?

    Though a variety of lifestyle factors play a role in mental health, emerging research suggests that dietary patterns and food choices play a significant role in the prevention and treatment of brain-based disorders, specifically depression. No single nutrient or eating plan can cure depression, but the creators of the Antidepressant Food Score have aimed to classify foods and eating patterns best suited to alleviate its development and symptoms. 

    Dive Deep into The Mediterranean Diet

      The Mediterranean diet is based on the traditional diet of people living along the Mediterranean coast (in countries such as Crete, Greece, and southern Italy). In contrast to the typical American diet, the Mediterranean diet emphasizes plant-based foods and monounsaturated (good/healthy) fat. Researchers have found that deaths from chronic disease, such as heart disease and cancer, are significantly reduced among people who followed this heart-healthy eating plan. By limiting unhealthy fats, ...
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