Exercise During Pregnancy: My Experience and the Science Behind It

It’s funny how a little plastic stick with double pink lines has the power to change life as you know it. Through the first week after learning I was pregnant, I dealt with the gamut of emotions—and questions! What would my pregnancy be like? How would my body respond to this huge change? Do I have to change my nutrition? And, of course, will I be able to continue working out? Here's how I adapted expertise from my doctor, physical trainer, and scientist husband (maybe you know him!) to answer ...

Making the Most of Cancelled Endurance Races: Advice from the Pros

As the current health crisis unfolds, endurance athletes around the world are seeing races cancelled. This decision is appropriate and necessary to do our part in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19, but, understandably, a number of athletes have expressed feeling that their training has been ‘lost’ or 'wasted' and are unsure of how to approach life without the structure and planning training provides. So we caught up with two professional athletes from the InsideTracker community to learn ...

Science-Backed Ways to Maintain Mental Health During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has thrust us into a new world of isolation and uncertainty that challenges our mental health daily. However, finding support in each other can help us persist despite this unpredictable time. So, we turned to members of the InsideTracker community to find out about strategies they find particularly helpful to support their mental health. It turns out, some approaches are so powerful that researchers have been studying them for decades—and some healthcare professionals go as far as to ...
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