Circadian Rhythm Fasting: Eating to Align with Your Internal Clock

    Circadian fasting is a method of eating to align with your body’s internal clock. This eating pattern can overlap with intermittent fasting practices, but circadian fasting more strongly emphasizes an earlier eating window. In fact, circadian fasting practices are built on the notion that both modern meal timing habits of three daily meals (plus snacks) and the ability to stay up well after dark promote nighttime eating and therefore may disrupt the body’s natural rhythms and negatively ...

    So You Hit a Weight Loss Plateau. Here's Why.

      For decades, the major draw of dieting has been the promise of quick, easy weight loss. But if it's more of a sprint than a marathon, weight loss can plateau after a relatively short period of time. Ultimately, this diet weight loss plateau is caused by an evolutionary strategy encoded in our bodies to prevent starvation. Here’s the science behind that innate response and how you can hack it to maintain the weight loss you’re seeking.

    How to Avoid Age-Related Weight Gain

    Ever wonder why we tend to gain weight as we get older? Or why it becomes harder to lose any pounds we put on over the holidays or while on vacation? As we get older, we gain an average of one to two pounds per year. [1] This may not seem like a lot, but over time, it can accumulate and lead to weight gain or even obesity. Here are four major reasons why age plays a role in weight management and what to do about it:

    What Does "Metabolism" Actually Mean?

    The word metabolism is thrown around quite a bit. But if we asked you to explain what it is and how it relates to your overall health, could you? If not, don’t worry; you're not alone. That's why we're sharing the details you need to know about all things metabolism. And with some of our newest recommendations, InsideTracker can help you understand what the word really means, how it ties into your overall wellbeing, and how to optimize it.

    Five New Ways to Add Oatmeal to Your Day

    It’s no secret that we love oatmeal at InsideTracker. It really is the ultimate superfood when it comes to your metabolism—packed with soluble fiber, the impact on glucose and cholesterol can’t be beat! With these recipes in hand, you’ll be well-prepared for breakfast with five distinctly delicious varieties.

    Psyllium Spotlight: A Simple Way to Improve Your Metabolism

    If you’ve checked your InsideTracker account in the past few months, you may have noticed an update in your supplement recommendations. While they are all backed by science, some may sound pretty foreign. One such supplement is psyllium, which is recommended for many of the metabolic markers if they are outside of the optimal zone. And although it sounds exotic, psyllium is just the husk of a seed—but it does have some serious health benefits.  
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