Circadian Rhythm Fasting: Eating to Align with Your Internal Clock

    Circadian fasting is a method of eating to align with your body’s internal clock. This eating pattern can overlap with intermittent fasting practices, but circadian fasting more strongly emphasizes an earlier eating window. In fact, circadian fasting practices are built on the notion that both modern meal timing habits of three daily meals (plus snacks) and the ability to stay up well after dark promote nighttime eating and therefore may disrupt the body’s natural rhythms and negatively ...

    What Do Your Fasting Blood Glucose and Hemoglobin A1c Levels Mean?

    Blood glucose (aka “blood sugar”) serves as the primary energy source for our brain and body. Healthy blood glucose levels are therefore essential for maintaining overall health and longevity. Unfortunately, several factors including the Standard American Diet and a sedentary lifestyle can increase glucose beyond normal levels, and over time, result in prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. If undetected, consistently high glucose can lead to long-term health complications, including nerve damage, ...

    Our Most Bizarre Recommendations

    Eat more oats, spend less time sitting, drink more water…You may have encountered some of these more common recommendations at InsideTracker, but today we’re spotlighting our most bizarre recommendations including why we recommend using B12 fortified toothpaste!  

    Lower Your Blood Sugar with These Supplements

    Blood glucose, more commonly known as blood sugar, is the primary source of energy for your body. It is the first thing your body turns to during activity, and provides quick energy that you can burn through before switching to burning body fat. Clearly, it’s important to have an adequate level of glucose to perform activities, but having enough glucose is not usually the issue for people. Rather, most of us have too much glucose, which can lead to weight gain, elevated triglyceride levels, and ...

    The Coffee Controversy: How Java Affects Aging and Health

    The relationship between coffee and health has been steeped in scientific controversy for years. Scientists used to think that coffee was just a short-term boost in energy with long-term health consequences. But, recent research indicates that not only is coffee safe to drink, it can actually help you fight aging, possibly lower blood sugar and support a healthy liver. In this blog post, we'll straighten out all the research for you and outline how you can use blood data to get the biggest ...

    How Blood Sugar Can Change Your Body & Brain

    Fasting glucose is linked with mood, sleep and cognition. Optimizing your blood glucose (better than having a "normal" level) may be the best bet for maintaining sharpness throughout the day and feeling better overall. The misconception about fasting glucose is that many believe it's a measure used to prevent diabetes only, rather than something measured in the process of improving your mind and body. In this blog we explain why fasting glucose is important, why you should get tested, and ...

    Psyllium Spotlight: A Simple Way to Improve Your Metabolism

    If you’ve checked your InsideTracker account in the past few months, you may have noticed an update in your supplement recommendations. While they are all backed by science, some may sound pretty foreign. One such supplement is psyllium, which is recommended for many of the metabolic markers if they are outside of the optimal zone. And although it sounds exotic, psyllium is just the husk of a seed—but it does have some serious health benefits.  
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