Why Completing Your Health Profile is Important

    InsideTracker takes a truly personalized approach to health. While analyzing your blood data (in addition to relevant DNA markers and data from fitness trackers) are integral inputs of InsideTracker’s algorithm, so is an evaluation of your current health status and lifestyle habits. And that’s what the Health Profile is designed to capture.  

    Here's What to Expect During a Blood Draw

    Even if you don't mind needles, blood draws tend to bring up feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and sometimes worry. These feelings are normal and the goal of this article is to help you feel prepared for your blood draw and know what to expect when it’s time for your appointment.

    How to Prepare for Your Blood Draw

    While getting your blood drawn is generally quick and painless, it’s still often a stressful and sometimes confusing experience for many people. How you need to prepare, what you need to bring, and where you need to go can vary slightly from test to test. InsideTracker plans (besides Blood Results Upload and Home Kit) require a professional—called a phlebotomist—to draw your blood either at a lab or in your home. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for your blood draw with InsideTracker.

    Another Year Wiser at InsideTracker: Reflecting on Our Most Important Moments of 2021

    2020 upended our daily lives, and 2021 offered a slow but tangible return to reality. And though some challenges of the past couple of years still linger, 2021 proved to be an incredibly special year at InsideTracker. We were finally able to (slowly...) reconnect with our community in person. We continued to strengthen our community online. And we added new science, data insights, and integrations to the InsideTracker system to create the most reliable and robust version of the InsideTracker ...

    A Simple Tool for Evaluating Scientific Studies on Your News Feed

    InsideTracker works on the cutting edge of nutrition and human science. An entire team of scientists is constantly reviewing newly published studies, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, and integrating their findings into the algorithms that provide all InsideTracker users with personalized wellness and nutrition recommendations. But not everybody has a team of experts to assist with decoding the constant stream of science headlines and posts that cross our screens each day. Luckily, you ...

    Blood + DNA + Garmin = The Best InsideTracker Yet

    It's been a long day. You’re tired. It’s getting late. Tomorrow is going to be just as hectic. And instead of going to bed, you’re three episodes into a Netflix binge and don’t have the energy to turn it off.  Now, if you’d been wearing a Garmin fitness tracker synced to the InsideTracker app, you might have been able to avoid this situation entirely.

    Optimize Your Microbiome with the New InsideTracker Gut Health Goal

    Research surrounding the gut microbiome and its impact on the body’s systems has taken off in recent years. And all this time, we've been stealthily collecting the evidence and preparing it for InsideTracker's algorithms, waiting for the day that the evidence base got strong enough to meet the high scientific requirement for the InsideTracker system. Finally, the day is here! Gut health research now meets InsideTracker's rigorous scientific criteria, and we can now give action-backed ...
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