Eating for Energy: Racing to the Perfect Mid-Workout Refuel

By Emily Wei Jul 27, 2013


Pre- and post-workout nutrition are crucial to performance, but when does the body require a mid-workout boost? How do you know when your glycogen stores will adequately fuel your exercise? And what should you be eating in the middle of a race? While it may take some experimentation to find your refueling bliss, the proper mid-exercise refuel can help you to achieve peak performance.

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What to Eat Before Your Workout

By Emily Wei Jul 03, 2013


Have you ever scarfed down a bowl of high fiber cereal 30 minutes prior to a long run?  Skipped breakfast before a four-hour bike ride?  Eaten something you’ve never had for breakfast on the morning of a big race?  Unfortunately, I have to admit that I have done all of these things.  While these no-no’s may seem obvious to some, I’ll bet that there are a lot of beginner, intermediate, and even advanced athletes who have made these very same mistakes.  

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Is Coconut Water Really “Nature’s Sports Drink”?

By Perrin Braun Sep 18, 2012


These days, coconut water is an increasingly popular sports beverage. Store displays and advertisements tout its benefits over plain water and traditional sports drinks. But does coconut water actually live up to all the health hype?

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Sports Drinks: Helpful or Harmful?

By Perrin Braun May 01, 2012


Advertising can often be misleading. Food manufacturers want you to assume that since sports drinks contain the word “sport” on their labels, they must be beneficial for people who play sports or other forms of activity. New sports drinks appear on the market each day. Flavors like “organic cherry” and “blueberry açaí” are meant to conjure up thoughts of superfoods and enhanced performance for athletes and non-athletes alike. Many brands make claims about helping you perform better during athletic events and even suggest they will improve your health. But do sports drinks really enhance performance? Are all sports drinks created equal?

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Sodium: Friend or Foe?

By Perrin Braun Feb 22, 2012


When you think about sodium, what words come to mind? Many people associate sodium with high blood pressure, heart disease, and canned foods, but does it really deserve all that negative hype?

Although it is true that consuming too much sodium can be unhealthy, our bodies need it to function properly, especially during extended exercise. In fact, it is one of the nutrients that Segterra scientists have identified as playing a very important role in your physical well-being.

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