How You Can Optimize Your Iron Intake To Maximize Absorption

Iron is an incredibly important mineral for health. Not only is it a crucial component for many biochemical reactions in our bodies, it is also required for proper oxygen transport. And since many of our users are athletes, iron deserves even more of a spotlight. Last week we discussed the implications of inflammation on your iron levels. This week, we’re sharing how you can optimize your iron intake to maximize its absorption.

Here's How Inflammation Affects Your Iron Levels

Measuring your iron levels to make sure you are meeting your needs is key. After all, you can’t monitor what you don’t measure. But even we’ll admit, not all science is easily translated into plain English. That’s exactly what we strive to do here at InsideTracker. And we’ve just made understanding your iron group easier than ever! Your iron group is comprised of five biomarkers: ferritin, hemoglobin, TS, blood iron, and total iron binding capacity. These five markers measure things like iron ...

I Went to Burning Man and Aged 21 Years

  That’s not clickbait. It’s fact. So far as InsideTracker’s InnerAge algorithm is concerned, five days of revelry in the inhospitable Black Rock Desert has aged my body by 21 years. I tested my blood the day before I departed for Burning Man (an annual week-long gathering celebrating music, art and individuality), and again six days after my return... My InnerAge went from an impressive 26 years young to a horrifying 47 years old. And as we like to say around here, “Blood don’t lie!”

Avoiding the Crash: How Monitoring Iron Status Can Save Your Season

Iron deficiency is sometimes a silent assassin, a quiet problem that creeps up and can kill your season if you are not vigilant. Yet with all of the science published on athletes’ iron deficiency and the current statistics on rates of low ferritin with professional athletes, the awareness among the athletic crowd is still incredibly low. One would think that only the regular joes have problems and the world’s elite would be protected from the common and seemingly mundane nutrient deficiencies, ...

Tired of Being Tired: How I Optimized My Iron Levels

I previously shared some important information on how to maximize iron absorption and ferritin levels. So now it's time to put this recommendations into action.  I'm going to highlight some of the changes I made in my daily routine to help boost my iron levels. It's important to note that these changes may not be suitable for everyone. It's always best to take a personalized approach and talk with a health professional and make changes based on what you need. Below, I highlight some of the ...

Why Women Should Pay Attention To Iron

  Feeling tired, lethargic, or just not at your best? You could be one of the 3.3 million women in the US who have iron-deficiency anemia. In fact, iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiencies in the country! Read more to learn about the signs of iron deficiency and why they are crucial for women to pay attention to.

Why Iron is So Crucial to Your Body

  Why is iron important to the body? The human body requires iron to perform many vital physiological functions. For instance, iron is the key component of hemoglobin that allows red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body, and it plays a key role in cell growth and differentiation. According to the World Health Organization, up to 80% of the people in the world may be iron deficient. Premenopausal women, particularly those who exercise regularly, face a great risk of iron ...

Got fatigue? Increase Your Ferritin!

Ferritin levels are important for everyone. Whether you’re male or female, an avid exerciser or a couch potato. If your ferritin levels are too low, you may feel fatigued and run down. Fatigue can often be linked to inadequate iron in the blood. And since ferritin is a marker of long-term iron intake, it's perfect for determining whether that worn-down feeling can be linked to your diet. Here's how analyzing the ferritin levels in your blood can help increase your energy levels. 
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