Every High-Intensity Training Regimen Should Include This Low-Impact Exercise

    If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you probably noticed the calming atmosphere the moment you stepped into the studio. The scent of incense in the air, the serene background music playing as you set up your mat, and the heated room make you feel warm and relaxed and help start the 'unwinding' process before you even start moving.  Yoga is a mind-body practice that improves flexibility and builds strength through the combination of physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or ...

    Stress: A Guide To The Causes And The Cures

    Sleeping through your alarm. Showing up unprepared to a presentation. Forgetting an important birthday. Getting stressed out just reading? I can relate. But by making my InsideTracker goal ‘Reduce Stress,’ tracking certain biomarkers, and making some lifestyle changes, I’ve been able to find relaxation, mindfulness, and balance in my fast-paced daily life. 

    Yoga: Using my Ancient Roots to Combat Modern-Day Stress

    Everyone seems to be “stressed” and overwhelmed in modern times. And clearly I am no exception: my un-optimized levels of “the 3 C’s”- Cortisol, C-reactive protein, and Creatine Kinase- indicate that I don’t get enough relaxation and recovery. After looking at my InsideTracker recommendation engine, I saw a familiar friend to calm down my inflammation: yoga. In this series, I look at some of the key personal and scientific benefits of this ancient practice from my Indian heritage and how I am ...

    How Inflammation is Affecting Your InnerAge: The Key Burning Questions

    Of the five biomarkers we showcase in our recently released InnerAge, we get the most questions about C-Reactive Protein (CRP). While it is poorly understood by the general public, healthcare professionals, and fitness trainers, this little protein produced by the liver is an extremely important indicator of health and wellness. Read below to learn why it is crucial to monitor your CRP and modify your lifestyle and nutrition in order to maximize your fitness and prevent the onset of aging.

    A Four-Way Solution to Reduce Stress: Combating High Cortisol

    We've been talking a lot about chronic stress lately. But now we want to examine some solutions to reduce high cortisol levels because InsideTracker is, after all, more than just a tool to monitor one’s health; it’s ultimately a tool to modify one’s health! In this second of a three-part series focusing on research-documented interventions in treating chronic stress, I will examine four methods that I plan on utilizing to decrease my chronically elevated levels of cortisol.
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