Meet Dr. Michael Pavia, Segterra Scientific Advisory Board Member

By Perrin Braun Sep 11, 2012


With 30 years experience conducting innovative research in the pharmaceutical and energy sectors, Dr. Michael Pavia brings a unique perspective on how technology can improve people’s lives to Segterra’s scientific advisory board. Dr. Pavia’s extensive experience in the biotech field makes him a great asset to the InsideTracker team, where he is helping to apply new technologies to the field of health and nutrition.

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Interview with Professor David Sinclair from Harvard Medical School

By Perrin Braun Jul 24, 2012


Dr. David Sinclair has spent the past 20 years trying to answer the question “Why do we grow old?”  He is a renowned scientist best known for his research on lifespan extension and treatment of diseases related to aging, and his expertise on health and longevity make him an integral part of the InsideTracker team.

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