How Will the New Cholesterol Guidelines Impact Your Health?

By Perrin Braun Dec 11, 2013


Big news for those of you who are concerned about your heart health: the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association recently released revised cholesterol treatment guidelines that are designed to reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke. The new guidelines, which were last updated in 2004, mark the most significant change in cardiovascular disease prevention in nearly thirty years!

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Are you chronically stressed? You may be putting your health at risk!

By Perrin Braun Nov 20, 2013


We all know what it feels like to be stressed. Whether you have trouble sleeping as a looming deadline approaches or your hands start to shake before a big athletic event, a little anxiety seems to be an inevitable part of life. However, stress that is left unchecked can cause a whole host of health problems that range from heart disease to obesity. The good news is that there are certain biomarkers that are relevant for people who are chronically stressed, so knowing your blood status can be a powerful way to help you manage your anxiety! InsideTracker is a great tool for people who feel that they are constantly stressed because it combines blood analysis with a powerful algorithm to show the status of your unique blood biochemistry, so you know which biomarkers you need to improve in order to feel less anxious.

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Inflammation and Heart Health

By Perrin Braun Aug 06, 2013


Do you have high cholesterol? While you may know that high levels of cholesterol don’t spell good news for your heart, cholesterol and inflammation often work hand-in-hand to damage your body.

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