Beetroot Juice: Can It Really Boost Your Blood & Performance?

Mom always told you to eat your beets. As usual, her instruction was on point. The health benefits of beets are well documented, but there’s a new trend on the performance-enhancing block in the form of juice — and not the illegal kind. Beetroot juice is all the rage these days, and it turns out it could be the key to unlocking increased speed and endurance in everyone from weekend warriors to seasoned pros. Beetroot juice also packs a powerful cardiovascular health punch. That makes it the ...

Is Juicing Healthy? Keep this in Mind When Deciding Between Juice and Whole Foods

Fruits and vegetables are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, beneficial plant compounds called polyphenols, fiber, and water. One way to eat your produce is juicing, or extracting the liquid from fruits and vegetables with a specially designed machine. Juicing can be a convenient way to increase daily servings of produce (like apples, spinach, and oranges). But does drinking juice really offer the same health benefits that you get from consuming the whole food?  
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