When Assessing Macros, It’s ’Quality Over Quantity' for Weight Loss

Decades of diet culture has taught us that weight loss is all a numbers game. But does being purely quantitative with things like calories or carbs actually get you to your goal weight? Recent research says no, and suggests that the best way to lose weight may be to focus on the food source of your calories rather than their macronutrient composition. In fact, macros really may oversimplify the complexities of weight loss. Here's why.

National Nutrition Month: The Best Bites for your Blood

  Did you know March is National Nutrition Month? We take nutrition pretty seriously around here, so we figured it's a perfect time to pay homage to foods that best fuel our blood. Forget the Oscars — we're joining the action with the inaugural InsideTracker Food Awards! Actors get a nod for their great performances; why shouldn't the modest mushroom, or the stellar steak? We’ve grouped the body's biomarkers into eight categories and awarded each category a "winning food," based on its ...

The Great Grain Debate: Whole Grains vs. Multigrains

  According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, we’re supposed to be eating 3-5 servings of whole grains every day. But what is a “whole grain”? What is the difference between “multigrain” and “whole grain”? You’re in good company if you’re unsure! Due to the fact that these two terms are not interchangeable, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about which product is healthier. An InsideTracker plan can help you figure out which nutrients you need and which grains may provide them. In ...

How Nutritious Are Your Nutrition Bars?

  Do you frequently find yourself stuffing a nutrition bar into your purse or pocket before dashing out the door? You’re not alone—convenience is important for many busy people. Whether you’re seeking to add muscle, increase your stamina, or lose weight, there is a brand of nutrition bar that seems to fit every diet and exercise need. While these bars are certainly a convenient way to stock up on calories and carbohydrates, being overly dependent on these foods means that you’re missing some ...

Juicing vs Whole Foods

  Fruits and vegetables are rich in the vitamins and minerals that help your body stay healthy and help you feel good. One way to eat your produce is juicing, or extracting the liquid from fruits and vegetables with a specially designed machine. For many busy people, drinking fruits and vegetables is a convenient way to increase daily servings of produce (like apples, spinach, and oranges). InsideTracker can tell you which fruits and vegetables have the optimal mix of nutrients for your ...
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