The Vitamin D Blueprint - Does Supplementing Increase Power and Decrease Fat?

Of the 30 biomarkers InsideTracker monitors, Vitamin D is the one we most frequently see at non-optimal levels. And this is no surprise: Vitamin D insufficiency is one of the most prevalent nutrient-related pandemics in the world. While its deficiency is commonly associated with diseases of the muscular and skeletal systems, cutting-edge research illustrates that optimized levels of vitamin D amplify the expression of certain genes to stimulate muscle growth, optimize body composition, and ...

Introducing InsideTracker’s New Bloodwork Page

  Here at InsideTracker, we listen to what our customers say. Recently we incorporated our customers comments and suggestions into an updated, information-rich Bloodwork page. We are proud to unveil the new, streamlined page which gives an easy-to-read summary of your blood test results, while also allowing you to do a deep dive into analysis and recommendations for understanding and improving your results.

Five New Foods to Add to Your Diet

  When people are trying to lose weight or get in shape, they will frequently tell you about what foods they can’t eat. The media’s emphasis on fad diets and “bad” foods also does little to help individuals cultivate a healthy relationship with eating. Although eating well certainly does involve maintaining a balance, there are definitely some foods that are more nutrient-dense than others. If you’re looking to add some variety in your meals, as well as increase your nutrient intake, here are ...
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