Vegans vs. Non-Vegans: Who Is Healthier?

A Surprising Way Birth Control Affects Your Health and Hormones

How Much Water Do You Need During a Workout?

The Markers of a Great Strength Coach

4 Key Blood Biomarkers Associated with Female Fertility

Chasing Down Your Next PR? Set These Biomarkers In Your Sights

Does Weight Training Make Women Bulky?

How to Choose the Right Probiotic Foods and Supplements

Sugar Sources in Sports Fuel

Eggs: The Final Verdict

Our Most Bizarre Recommendations

The Benefits of Probiotics: A Summary of the Latest Science

How Do Our Sex Hormones Change As We Age?

The Anatomy of Female Nutrition

Optimizing Training Around Your Menstrual Cycle

Mindfulness Could Be The Secret to Kicking Your Cravings

The Health Advice We Always Hear but Continue to Ignore

Watch David Sinclair on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Meal Prep Hacks From the InsideTracker Team

The Formula of Fitness Fueling

The Alkaline Diet: Friend or pHoe?

5 Science-Proven Ways to Lose Fat

Your DNA is More Powerful with Blood. Here's Why.

Got DNA? We’ll Help You Put It To Work!

Sick of Your Six Small Meals? Try Intermittent Fasting

New Year, Improved InsideTracker - 2018 Review

Feeling Sick? These Symptoms Mean You Should Skip The Gym Today

Why You Need to Be a Better Sleep Architect

How To Win Your Off-Season

Training for the New Games Season

How To Prolong Aging Through The Decades

Your Immune-Boosting Tricks Should Be Backed by Science

Should You Skip Breakfast On Thanksgiving?

Why A Lower BMI Isn't Always Better

This InsideTracker Test Is The Ultimate Level-Up

Endurance Fueling: How to Fuel to Go the Distance

How to Make the Most of Your Post-Workout Meal

The Athlete's Guide To Getting Younger With Age

A Milestone for Personalized Nutrition: Our First Published Paper Validates InsideTracker’s Effectiveness

The Downside of Creating an Action Plan With Old Results

Back To School: Lifestyle Hacks 101

Back To School: Nutrition For Improved Learning 101

Too Much of a Good Thing - The U-Shape of HDL Cholesterol

Weekend Warriors: How These Professional-Level Athletes Still Hold Down Full-Time Jobs

Our Lowest-Priced Test Might Be the Best Option for You

Get the InsideTracker Experience from Your Next Physical

Supplement Solutions for the Functionally Fit

The Benefits of Oatmeal for Lowering Glucose

These Elite Athletes of The CrossFit Games Fuel Their Performance With InsideTracker

Muscles Shrink As We Age. Here's How to Fight Back.

12 Optimizations and Additions to InsideTracker

How These Elite Athletes Prepared for the Western States 100

Why HIIT Isn't Just for Elite Athletes

Surviving Vs. Thriving: An Update To Our Optimal Zones

Is Inflammation Affecting Your Training and Recovery?

Meet Lisa: How She Entered The Endurance World At 50

The Ketogenic Diet Might Not Be As Hot As You Think

The InsideTracker Guide to Gaining Muscle

How To Optimize Your Post Race Recovery With Mario Fraioli

Elevated Liver Enzymes? Muscle Damage May Play a Role

Shop Local: A Fresh Take on Healthy Spring Produce

Got Your Eye on The Games? Focus on Your Warm-Up and Cool-Down

How to Naturally Prevent And Lower High Blood Pressure

Does Eating Fat Really Make You Fat?

Does Your Total Cholesterol Number Even Matter?

Hello, DNA. Personalized Genetics Is Here, With GoalGetter!

I Couldn't Bounce Back After a WOD. I Was Overtraining.

Wrapping Up 2017: How InsideTracker Grew This Past Year

A Guide To Understanding And Using Your HSA, HRA, or FSA

How To Create a Roadmap for Your Strongest Racing Season Ever – with Megan Roche

Can a FODMAP Diet Alleviate Your Food Intolerances?

Natural Ways to Stay Healthy All Winter Long

Erectile Dysfunction Is Affecting More Men Than Ever. We're Here to Help.

Can Brain Games Improve Your Cognition?

A Healthy Dose of Comfort Food [Downloadable Recipes]

What Does "Metabolism" Actually Mean?

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark... Chocolate

Stress: A Guide To The Causes And The Cures

How We Define Your Optimized Zones of Health and Performance

Get A More Restful Night's Sleep Without Changing Your Bedtime

Winning World Championships on a Plant-Based Diet: An Interview with Sonya Looney

Fight Afternoon Fatigue Without Another Cup Of Coffee

How To Naturally Improve Your Digestive Health

Why Decades of Dairy Fat Research Might Be Wrong

How To Eat Right For Race Recovery

Do Endurance Sports Cause Diabetes?

Menopause: What's Actually Happening and Why

How To Tackle Amenorrhea: A Common Problem Among Female Athletes

Here's How Birth Control Can Affect Your Biomarkers

How You Can Optimize Your Iron Intake To Maximize Absorption

Here's How Inflammation Affects Your Iron Levels

Four Fantastic Recipes For Your Fourth of July

A Beginner's Triathlon Training Journey, Backed by Science

Blood Biomarker Data: The Coeur of Your Performance

Magnesium Gets a Makeover! A Brand New Biomarker & Better Optimization

Your Nutrition Coach of the Future is Here

Fight Fatigue With These Four Recipes

How This Inspiring Mother Daughter Duo Keep Each Other Healthy

In Defense of Vitamin D: The Facts You Need to Know

This Is What Running the Boston Marathon Did To My Health

Food Allergies & Sensitivities: All the Science You Need to Know

Have Trouble Sleeping? Increasing Vitamin D Can Help.

Running the Road to Recovery: From an Eating Disorder to a Healthy Body [VIDEO]

The Five Best Recipes for Improving Glucose & Cholesterol

Should You Include More Nuts In Your Diet?

Quick Tips for Finding Your Existing Blood Test Data

When and Why You Should Buy Organic

Dairy vs. Non-Dairy: Which Milk Should You Choose?

An Inside Look at Training for the Boston Marathon

Couples that Test Together, Get Better Together

Are Your Supplements Safe? Here's How to Tell

Here's Why You'll Love Our Nutrition Page

New Year, New Goals: Use Motivational Science to Win Big in 2017

2016 Was the Year of Growing Stronger

Knee Injury Prevention and Recovery 101

A Super Simple New Way to Use Blood Test Results from Your Doctor

Houston Rockets Sports Dietitian Tara Boening Talks Nutrition in the NBA [VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT]

See Your Future: Our New Biomarker Graph is Predictive

A Thanksgiving Feast: Recipes for Better Biomarkers

This Veteran Uses InsideTracker to Optimize His Performance and Stay Alive

Top Ten Marathon Race Day Tips

Trick Your Body Into Thinking It's Having a Treat

Five New Ways to Add Oatmeal to Your Day

The Road To Kona - The Ironman World Championship

Meet Julia: She Lost Over 30 Pounds with InsideTracker

Heart Rate Variability: Advice from Spartan Director of Sport, Joe DI

I Went to Burning Man and Aged 21 Years

Can Mindfulness Help Weight Loss?

The CBC: What It Is and Why You Need It

Ironman Kevin Portmann Shares His Success Story

Breathing Basics: Advice from Spartan Race Director of Sport, Joe DI

Stressed out? Cortisol and Creatine Kinase Play Big Roles

Are You Fit Enough For Contact Sports? Rugby's All The Rage.

Tennis Burnout? Here's How To Fix It

Mobility Basics: Advice from Spartan Director of Sport, Joe DI

These CrossFit Athletes Are Ready For The Games

Just Keep Swimming

Lower Your Blood Sugar With These Supplements

Eat Your Red, White & Blue this Independence Day!

Harvard Medical School's Dr. Kathryn Rexrode on Hormones & Health [VIDEO]

In the News: Lowering Medical Costs with Technology [VIDEO]

No Food For Four Days? Yes, Really.

Dr. Gil Blander Shares Top Tips for Men's Health [VIDEO]

Time-Restricted Feeding: Fitter Through Fasting

How Going Vegan Affected My Body

Osteoporosis: Prevent it Now, Enjoy Life Later

Test Your Way to the Top: CrossFit Edition

Vitamin B12: A Critical Consideration For Vegetarians

5 Fabulous Foods for Female Health [VIDEO + TRANSCRIPT]

Q&A: How Harvard's David Sinclair Unlocked His Own Fountain of Youth

Top 10 Tips: Boston Marathon

Your Dashboard: A Guide to Success

Run Faster, Feel Better: A Pro Runner & Sports Dietitian Tell You How [VIDEO + TRANSCRIPT]

Stressed Out? Try Some Ashwagandha

Train Like an MLB Pro: 5 Top Tips

Spartan's Jason Jaksetic: Live the Life You Aspire To Live [VIDEO + TRANSCRIPT]

National Nutrition Month: The Best Bites for your Blood

Vitamin D for Daylight Savings

Sleep Like a Pro! Advice from Spartan Race Director of Sport, Joe DI

Behind the Science: InsideTracker's Star Rating System

How To Optimize Your Body For Your Biggest Athletic Event Of The Year

Top 5 Tips From the Los Angeles Olympic Marathon Trials

Olympic Triathlete Jarrod Shoemaker's Winning Recipe [VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT]

Science of Romance: Hugs, Hormones & Heart Health

Beetroot Juice: Can It Really Boost Your Blood & Performance?

5 Super Bowl Snacks to Keep Your Game Day on Track

How To Dominate Jet Lag & Stay Focused While Traveling

Why Giving Blood Can Be Good For you

A Tell All: Our Lead Nutrition Scientist Shares Fascinating Questions from Users [VIDEO]

Whey or Soy Protein: What Does Science Say?

Behind the Scenes of Blood Testing

2015 Was the Year of AWESOME!

Pills, Powders and Potions: The Top Sport & Fitness Supplements of 2016

Holiday Stress: The Testosterone to Cortisol Ratio

May the Force Be With You: There's Power In Your Blood!

The Coffee Controversy: How Java Affects Aging and Health

Improving InnerAge Like a Pro: CrossFit Games Athlete Cole Sager [VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT]

A Practical and Scientific Approach to Meditation

Ultra-Marathon Champ Mike Wardian Thought He Was Golden... Until He Looked Inside! [VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT]

How Blood Sugar Can Change Your Body & Brain

Antioxidants: The Power of Vitamins C & E

Cardio Training: Beyond Calories and Intervals

Spartan Race Pro Amelia Boone on the Power of InsideTracker (VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT)

How I Changed My Life from the Inside Out: Pro Soccer Player Zev Taublieb

Anti-Aging and Weight Training: What New Research is Promising

A Chat with Laura Ingalls, Holistic Health Coach (VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT)

Can Coenzyme Q10 Boost Your Energy and Fight Aging?

A Chat with Spartan Race's Joe DI, Director of Fitness & Training (VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT)

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Creatine Supplements: Myths & Misconceptions Dispelled

Meal and Recovery Drink Timing: Does it Matter?

A Chat with MLB pitcher Mark Melancon (VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT)

Is the Green Tea Hype Scientifically Supported?

A Chat with CrossFit Coach Ben Bergeron (VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT)

Psyllium Spotlight: A Simple Way to Improve Your Metabolism

How I Lost 20 lbs While Eating Pizza and Doing No Cardio

8 New Additions To InsideTracker That You'll Love

Cutting Through the Clutter - How InsideTracker Can Help You Optimize Yourself

Body Fat Measurement: The Options that are Best for You

Does Supplementing with Spirulina Improve Your Health and Performance?

The Lean Machine: How Your Body Fat Affects Your Health and Biochemistry

Regenerative Medicine – Stem Cells, Platelet-Rich Plasma, and Blood Analytics

A Roadmap to Increasing Durability of the Body: Enter Creatine Kinase

Artificial Sweeteners: Slimming You Down or Fattening You Up?

30 Day Cavewoman: How a Paleo Diet Affected My Biomarkers

Sports Compression: What the Science is Revealing

How Flexitarian and Plant Diets Impact Your Health and Biomarkers

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: New Science Questions Old Beliefs

A Wake-Up Call for Sleep Trackers

Can Vitamin D Restore Low Testosterone Levels?

How Does Giving Blood Affect Your Iron Levels?

America's Attitudes to Aging

Personalized Thrill: How to Choose the Right Endurance Race for You

How Looking Inside Helps You Deal with Overtraining

How I Reclaimed 20 Years & Lost 9 Pounds with InsideTracker

InnerAge: The Data-Driven Solution for Sport & Health

Soluble Fiber Simplified

Your Diet and Your Allergies: An Unexpected Relationship

Pace Breaker: How Biomarkers Move Sport & Life into Full Throttle

QS15 Forget Normal Challenge

The Heart in Sport: What You Need to Know

Athlete Tracking- From Satellite to Microscope

How Technology and Biology Can Improve Your Pedal Power

Fish Oil Supplements: Heart-Healthy or Hoax?

Berberine: Its Potential for a Metabolic Makeover

What’s Juice Got To Do With It?

King of the Mountain: How Hemoglobin Can Get You to the Top

Avoiding the Crash: How Monitoring Iron Status Can Save Your Season

Folate: A Key Ingredient to Problem-Free Pregnancy

Does Circuit Training Short-Circuit Your Workout?

Mark Cuban on Blood Testing- Drawing the Wrong Conclusion or a Step in the Right Direction?

Exotic Oils- Break Boredom and Boost Metabolism with these 5 Healthy Fats

Vitamin B12: How to Reach an Optimized Level for Women

Yoga: Using my Ancient Roots to Combat Modern-Day Stress

Zinc Supplementation on Trial: What does the Research Say?

New Science on an Ancient Spice: Garlic

Eat, Sleep, Track, Repeat: My Journey to the SXSW Conference

How Inflammation is Affecting Your InnerAge: The Key Burning Questions

Using DHEAS as a Biomarker of Aging in Women

Are Recovery Drinks helping You Fuel Up or Fatten Up?

Getting Back on Track: Laura Ingalls’ InsideTracker-Fueled Journey back to Holistic Health

Tapping Into Ancestral Hunger, Part 4: Top Hacks for the Weekend Wind Down

Testosterone Action versus Testosterone Levels: Why SHBG Matters

Tapping Into Ancestral Hunger, Part 3: Top Hacks for the Breakfast Skip

Move Over Superfoods- Say Hello to Focus Foods

Tapping Into Ancestral Hunger, Part 2: Top Hacks for the 24 Hour Fast

Coconut Confusion- Interpreting the Science to see if Coconut Fat is for You

Tapping Into Ancestral Hunger: Your Personal Roadmap to Fat Loss Success

Maximizing Your Testosterone- Is Magnesium a Solution?

The Golden Ratio - How to Manage your Blood Lipids for Better Health and Performance

From Muscle Fiber to Dietary Fiber: New Connections with Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

Focus Foods - Artificial Intelligence coming to your plate

Cleansing and Detox Diets: New Ideas on a Popular Trend

InnerAge: How One Simple Number Ignites the Change You Need

Remember When

Low Carb Diets: Key Biomarkers to Monitor

Holiday Damage Control- How Vinegar can Jumpstart your Metabolism

Tired of Being Tired: How I Optimized My Iron Levels

The Vitamin D Blueprint - Does Supplementing Increase Power and Decrease Fat?

The Myth of the Nutrition Facts Label – Iron Absorption Debunked

Whey Protein and Cortisol: Back to the Research

My Four-Way Solution to Reduce Stress: Combating High Cortisol

Data Selfies that Matter – Cortisol, the Missing Ingredient with Sleep Trackers

The Problem with High Cortisol- What you Need to Know

Cutting Through the Fat: The Truth Behind the Ketogenic Diet

Whey Protein's Impact on Mood and Stress

How to Eat for Celiac Disease and Better Health

Fueling the Athlete: Bones, Blood, and Biomarkers

Harvest the Benefits: 4 Fall Foods to Optimize Your Biomarkers

Fueling the NBA: It’s the Advice, not the Device

Artificial sweeteners: Is it time to find a new substitute?

Is Organic Food Worth the Premium?

Step Up to Your Ultimate Performance

Re-testing Guidelines: What You Need to Know

Top 10 Healthy Fast Food Meals

Using InsideTracker as a Business Tool for Your Body with Ken Lubin

The War on Gluten: What Does the Science Say?

Diane Stokes Goes the Distance: Fighting Fatigue With InsideTracker

Optimizing the Vegan Diet With Joshua Quarles and InsideTracker

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: What Every Woman Should Know

Fueling NBA Athletes: Is It Time for Evidence-Based Nutrition?

Lessons from the World Cup: From the Pitch to the Boardroom

Is fast food really that bad for you?

InsideTracker Interview with Ari Meisel from Less Doing

Understanding Your Blood Test Lab Results

How Daniel Rinehart Used Scientific Information to Preserve His Health

Why Women Should Pay Attention To Iron

Impress Your Friends! Learn the Difference Between Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

Is organic food worth the extra cost?

Why You Should Eat the Whole Egg

From Fast to Faster: How Suzie Snyder Used Scientific Information to Become a New and Improved Triathlete

Are multivitamins worth it?

Dive Deep into The Mediterranean Diet

Why Women Should Care About Testosterone

The Science Behind the Relationship between Nutrition and the Quality of Your Sleep

The Office Job Predicament: Brett Bloemendaal’s Quest for Health From Behind a Desk

Vitamin D and Sun Exposure: How to Optimize Your Levels

Introducing InsideTracker’s New Bloodwork Page

Your Guide to a Healthy Liver: What To Expect From Your Blood Test

Controlling the Controllable: My Experience with InsideTracker

Boost Your Brain Power with Science by Monitoring Your Blood Biomarkers

Stress Fractures: The Relationship Between Biochemistry, Nutritional Screening, and Biomechanics

Paleo diet: What does the NEW science say? Study suggests high protein intake linked to disease, early death.

The Science Behind Testosterone Biomarkers

The Paleo Diet: What Does the Science Say?

Love Your Heart This Valentine’s Day!

Your Optimal Zones...New and Improved

Sugar Rush: Glucose Levels in Athletes

Eat like the Caveman Did? Determining if the Paleo Diet is Right for You

Master Sergeant Joseph Roberts' Transformation

Why Iron is So Crucial to Your Body

Fish oil: can it keep your brain sharp and your heart fit?

Mighty Magnesium: How One Mineral Can Improve Your Sleep, Memory, and Mood

How Booze Affects Your Fitness Goals

Barefoot running: is it right for you?

Blood Analysis in the NBA: The Future is Now

How Will the New Cholesterol Guidelines Impact Your Health?

Do You Need More Energy? Look to Your Blood for Some Answers!

Are you chronically stressed? You may be putting your health at risk!

Should I Perform Genetic Testing, Blood Testing, or Both?

Exercise Is As Effective As Medicine For Treating Chronic Disease

InsideTracker Transforms Mark Drangsholt's Lifestyle

Weight Loss and Your Biomarkers, Continued: How Inflammation and ALT Affect Your Body Size and Shape

Want to Lose Weight? Pay Attention to Your Bloodwork!

RunKeeper Team Sees Benefits and Ease of InsideTracker First-Hand

Interview with Professor Jeffrey Blumberg, a leader in antioxidants research, from Tufts University

Biomarkers: Going Beyond “Normal”

Interview with Roger Fielding, a leader of exercise and aging research, from Tufts University

Advanced Home Kit Option Comes to InsideTracker!

Cortisol: How the Stress Hormone Affects You

Fuel Your Performance With Food

InsideTracker Scoop: Interview with Professor Leonard Guarente, a leader of aging research, from M.I.T.

Inflammation and Heart Health

Got fatigue? Increase your ferritin!

Eating for Energy: Racing to the Perfect Mid-Workout Refuel

Are painkillers hurting your performance?

The antioxidant saga: why we need vitamins C and E

Will Prolonged Sitting Affect Your Health?

What to Eat Before Your Workout

What Are the Best Biomarkers for Inflammation?

How the Home Kit Delivered

Key nutrients for vegetarians, vegans and raw vegans

Re-thinking red meat: what’s the beef?

Food for thought: it’s so easy (and healthy) eating green!

Are You Drinking Too Much? How Alcohol Consumption Can Affect Your Health

What is the next revolution in consumer diagnostics?

Can nutrition improve athletic performance?

Coconut oil: Should you add it to your diet?

Zeroing in on healthy alternatives to nutrition bars

Are you getting enough calcium?

Canned versus homemade soup: What are the pros and cons?

Do You Have a Zinc Deficiency? Why Athletes Should Pay Attention to Zinc

Hydration, Sodium, Potassium and Exercise: What You Need to Know

What is the best nutrition software that is customized for your needs?

Preparing for the Boston Marathon: How Two Runners Benefitted from InsideTracker

Are you deficient in vitamin D?

Are your testosterone levels low? You may be over-training

Vitamin B12 absorption and mature athletes

How does caffeine affect your workout?

High white blood cell count? What you should know

The Science of Sleep: The Benefits of Getting Your Beauty Rest

Phytochemicals – why you should eat the rainbow

It's Cold Out There! Tips for Keeping Warm During Winter Workouts

Chia seeds: should you add them to your diet?

The Glycemic Index: How Carbohydrates Affect You

The Two Faces of Cholesterol

Sweet! The story of simple sugar

Going gluten-free? Make sure you get these nutrients!

How Does Alcohol Affect Your Athletic Performance?

Are “natural” foods better than “artificial” foods?

Pump some iron! Do you know the difference between heme and non-heme iron?

The Great Grain Debate: Whole Grains vs. Multigrains

Lactose-free? You might be missing nutrients!

Is granola a healthy food?

How is your taking care of your body like maintaining your car?

Diet digest: regular yogurt vs. Greek yogurt

Sugar-free drinks: does calorie-free mean healthier?

Evidence-based Training: Optimizing Your Performance with Heart Rate Variability Data

Are You Overtraining?

What Supplements Do You Need?

Diet Digest: Paleo or Atkins?

Chocolate: Is it good for you?

How Nutritious Are Your Nutrition Bars?

How Can I Improve My Athletic Performance Using Blood Biochemistry?

Is Coconut Water Really “Nature’s Sports Drink”?

Meet Dr. Michael Pavia, Segterra Scientific Advisory Board Member

Tips for Triathletes: Eat to Win

Check Your Progress with a Follow-up InsideTracker Test!

Fuel Up: the Importance of Eating Before a Workout

Interview with Professor David Sinclair from Harvard Medical School

Vegging out: Nutrient considerations for no-meat athletes

InsideTracker Scoop: Interview With InsideTracker Katherine Taudvin

InsideTracker Scoop: Interview with Ruben Sanca, 2012 Cape Verde Olympian

Getting on the Inside Track in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

On the Road? Fit Your Fitness into Your Travel Plans!

InsideTracker Scoop: Interview With Triathlete Sarah Haskins

Triglycerides: the Key to a Healthy Heart

Juicing vs Whole Foods

InsideTracker Works: I'm a believer

Sports Drinks: Helpful or Harmful?

How Much Protein is Enough?

Magnesium: the Multi-Purpose Mineral

Ready to Run!

The Skinny on Dietary Fat

Potassium: Don’t Sweat It!

The Hidden Dangers of Inflammation

Wiped Out After a Workout? Food Can Help You Recover!

Introducing the New Kid on the Block: Testosterone

Why I’m Getting on the Inside Track

Dispelling Myths about Carb-Loading

How much do you know about zinc?

Sodium: Friend or Foe?

Got Calcium? Many Men and Women Don’t Get Enough

Folic Acid: Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Bad

Vitamin B12: Are you getting enough?

My Eye-Opening InsideTracker Experience

A Balancing Act: Calorie considerations for athletes

A Balancing Act: How to meet your unique calorie needs

Hitting the Wall? Could You Be Over-Exercising?

How InsideTracker worked for me

Behind the Scenes at InsideTracker Part I: An Insider’s Guide to the Segterra Algorithm

Blood Iron Levels and Athletic Performance

Five New Foods to Add to Your Diet

Too Many Supplements, Too Many Pills?

Why athletes should pay attention to vitamin D

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